News That Will Drive You To Drink

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If you are NOT on a no-fly list and you are planning on going to The Stupid Coup II: The Trumpeting, er, President-Elect Handsome Joe Biden’s inauguration,  you better pay for the damn thing yerself, you eff’ing deadbeat,  as Buzzfeed tells us:

GoFundMe Has Banned Fundraisers For Travel To Trump Rallies

As Trump supporters continue to plan rallies in Washington, DC, before and during Joe Biden’s inauguration, GoFundMe, the largest fundraising platform in the world, has banned their ability to raise money for travel expenses.

GoFundMe, used by 96 million people, announced the decision to ban those fundraisers on Monday. Like other tech giants, the crowdfunding company, which has processed more than 120 million donations since it launched in 2010, has been scrambling to find, monitor, and remove incendiary pro-Trump content.

You’ll be surprised to learn (Clue: not really) that the insurrectionists used GoFundMe to get to the burning of the Reichstag last week:

In one campaign, titled #PatriotPilgrimageDC, 285 donors raised $21,548 “to financially support Patriots on their voyage to the capital on 1/6/21 for the DC Protest!”

The next day, a couple created a fundraiser called “SendTeam RedPillFairy to DC!” and asked for $1,000 to “cover our round trip flights from California to DC, as well as a hotel room stay near the event.” The creators described themselves as independent members of the media who run sites and channels that churn out conspiracy theories and feature extremists such as the Proud Boys. Before GoFundMe pulled the campaign, it had received $1,330.

I guess they don’t want to be liable for an encore performance.

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7 Responses to News That Will Drive You To Drink

  1. Dennis Cole says:

    And the NE Pat’s coach Bill Belicheck just announced he is declining tRump’s offer of a swell reproduction of a Cracker Jacks prize, er, the prezinential metal of freedumb.

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    • And the Great Right-Wing Forgettery Machine (™ Driftglass) rumbles to clanking, steam-engine, smoke-belching life to erase the last four years from GOP memory, just like they erased the years 2000-2008 when Obama was elected.

      Boosh Troomp? Boosh Troomp Hoo? Never heard of the guy! I am very concerned about the Debt!”

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    • julesmomcat says:

      YEAY!!! Good on him!


      • Bruce388 says:

        Belicheat’s fan base is primarily Democratic. The majority of his players are Black. He’s smart enough to avoid antagonizing his fans and his players.

        And after Rusty Limbaugh, Gymbo Jordan, and some golfers who let Lord Dampnut cheat, that medal no longer has the status it once had.


    • spotthedog says:

      The fact that he’s been a close friend and supporter kinda tempers it in my mind, and I’d say the friendship is probably over, but whatev. Might be interesting to hear how all the generals feel about tRump favoring Belichick for military advice.


  2. roket says:

    Grifters with balls?

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