Erin Go Bragh!


Get between a grifter and his marks is how to do it!

Irish company Stripe stops processing payments to Trump campaign website

Stripe will stop processing payments to US President Donald Trump’s website following the riots started by his supporters at the Capitol in Washington, DC last week.

The financial tech company handles card payments for millions of websites and businesses online, but it is now blocking payments to the Trump campaign account for violating its policies against encouraging violence, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Hit the broke billionaire in the wallet. The Irish know something about how to fight, methinks.

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6 Responses to Erin Go Bragh!

  1. Redhand says:

    This is part of a fast-growing trend to stop doing business with the now-absolutely-toxic Trump “brand.” Tell me, who in their right minds would patronize a Trump property at this point?

    In other words, his sedition may bankrupt him completely.

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    • tengrain says:

      From your lips to Dawg Almighty’s floppy ears, Redhand.



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    • An unprecedented number of corporations are suspending their donations to Republican PACs supporting the seditionists.

      Now this may just be a momentary face-saving gesture, but if it persists, this is the thing that could break the GOP in two: one party of old conservative billionaires who will actually want to go back to the halcyon daze of “Tip-n-Ronnie” bipartisan comity kumbayah, and the Nihilist Rage Uncle party.

      It will definitely be interesting to watch if Fox and Newsmax follow the money or follow the eyeballs. Fox has already been hit with a lot of Advertisers dropping them to the point where their ad rates have dropped and they’re still only getting MyPillow, Gold scams and Catheter salesmen.

      Kind of like the seismic shift when Corporate America decided “Gay People are OOO-TAY!” to the point where it is a normal thing for gay people to be in teevee shows and ads doing their normal radical gay agenda like washing clothes and eating cereal, despite the constant protests and boycotts of the Million One Mom working in an office at James Dobson’s joint and their ilk.

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      • MDavis says:

        That’s a subscription link. Thanks for that, BDR.
        I’d recommend it, looks like it’s right up tehre with Press Run as actual journalism content, but it’s gotta wait until some extra bills are paid.


  2. dachief says:

    here’s a link from 2016 listing all of chump’s businesses…


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