Axios Builds A Lifeboat

Axios Has Exciting News!

Leave it to Axios to save the Coup Klux Klan:

Our new reality: Three Americas

The United States, torn apart by insurrection and mass misinformation, is witnessing a political and social realignment unfold in real time: We’re splitting into three Americas.

Why it matters: America, in its modern foundational components, is breaking into blue America, red America, and Trump America — all with distinct politics, social networks and media channels.

Jim VandeHei seems to have strategically forgotten that Candidate Stupid dispatched all the other candidates to win the Republican Primary with more votes than any candidate in GOP history. Lord Damp Nut is not an aberration, he is the distilled essence of who the Republicans have always been.

The existential question for Republicans, and perhaps for America, is whether Trump America — animated by the likes of Newsmax + Rush Limbaugh + Tucker Carlson + Parler (or whatever replaces it) — eclipses the traditional Red America in power in the coming years.

He’s arguing that the Junkie Limbaugh and Black Studies scholar Tucker Carlson are not Republicans? That’s really rich.


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9 Responses to Axios Builds A Lifeboat

  1. Oneofthebobs says:

    When reality sucks, invent a new reality!


  2. DId Vandehei just out himself as a martian? “Threesides!”

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  3. Stony Pillow says:

    Hell, no. Eventually historians will date the Republican descent into the cray-cray from the Gingrich Contract on America during the 1994 election cycle. That means every one of them has had more than a quarter century to find their conscience, and failed. Too late. Decades too late.

    Hasty Pudding alumnus Alexandra Petri said it best:


    • Bruce388 says:

      I’d go back to Nixon’s southern strategy. That lured the Bible-thumpers and inbred folks into the party. Reagan’s voodoo economics then led to Noot’s Contract on America, Dubya’s reign of error, and now this orange asshole.


  4. Redhand says:

    He’s arguing that the Junkie Limbaugh and Black Studies scholar Tucker Carlson are not Republicans? That’s really rich.

    Well, the way I see it the “establishment” Republican Party – the party of billionaires and cranky entrepreneurs and their servants like Mitch McConnell — is not the same as the unwashed and brainwashed rabble that is Trump’s base. At least, I don’t think it can be after this week. I’m rooting for the party to fragment more formally and then “go the way of the Whigs.”

    If the terrible events of the past week are the beginning of the end of the GOP as a viable political party, that is the one good thing that will come out of what occurred. I sort of view it now the way that the West German government viewed the Nazis after World War II. If there was a way to ban the party as a subversive, totalitarian organization, under our Constitution, I’d be all for it.


    • MDavis says:

      Step One – actually prosecute, in good faith, actual insurrection and seditious activities. And that applies to all social classes or it’s worthless, except as a recruiting tool for more insurrection and sedition.


  5. Meremark says:

    Tv showed the world MOB of Republicans. Stop with all the euphemisms, (‘terrorists,’ etc.)

    We saw Republicans. That’s all they are. MOB of Republicans. We leftists must all focus on one word. They are Republicans. Everyone who secretly voted a Repub (karens, suburp women) and now mindwalks in midnight guilt pangs: we mean YOU. We see YOU in that MOB of Republicans. The mob Party.

    The (R) label and registration in politics means (R)etard. Dupes who ‘own’ themselves.


    • MDavis says:

      No secret R voters here. If you are bragging about who you voted for, you either voted R or found someone farther to the right to vote for.


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