“A Strong Man for Troubled Times”

When this shitshow presidency started, we immediately dubbed it The 4th Reich and said it would end in disgrace with the equivalence of the fall of the Vichey Government: the perps would be walked out and decent people would spit on them. Everyone associated with this administration would become radioactive and effectively unemployable, if not in prison.

How’d we do?

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16 Responses to Predictions

  1. sos says:

    Insufficient spitting.

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  2. Let’s revisit this in 6 months and see how many of them have been completely rehabilitated by the Great Strategic Right Wing Forgettery Machine. (™ Driftglass)

    You know the one that landed Michael ‘Torture Enthusiast’ Gerson and David ‘Axis of Evil’ Frum plum jobs as Village People and Bill ‘Bloody’ Kristol his frequent appearances on right-wing teevee like [checks notes] MSNBC. The one that got Steve ‘Tits McGillicutty Palin’ Schmidt his profitable gig as a NeverTrumper.

    I will wager 500 Quatloos that at least one of the current wrecking crew will have regular space on either the FTFNYT or WaPo editorial pages within a year.

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    • R White says:

      I’ll wager a 1000 Quatloos that in a couple of months, just mentioning fat nixon’s name amongst the overrated stenographers within the worthless media will get you a lot of blank and quizzical stares as if the reign of cheeto jesus never existed and was just a deep state ploy financed by George Soros. The cuban-canadian immigrant failed lawyer, senator, Raphael Cruz is on tape doing just that as of today.

      What’s really going to suck is when Handsome Joe gets slapped in the face by the hand of republican obstruction and denial as he tries to clean up yet another set of republican messes. Given the shallow attention spans and lack of intelligence of the ‘murican electorate, he will be blamed for the thousands of deaths due to Covid as well as inciting the right to go out and riot as they did this past Wednesday.

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  3. julesmomcat says:

    “How’d we do?” You nailed it!


  4. Hawley’s Heroes says:

    Give the guy a break! He still has (checks calendar) about 12 days to make us sing like Tony the Tiger.

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  5. purplehead says:

    Well, the Big Perp is still in Our House, brooding. He needs to be frog-marched outta there, stat. Pelosi did manage to take away his his football, though.

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    • And I want to know just how that little trick is even remotely constitutional.

      Asking for a friend a country where there very well might be a fascist lunatic as Speaker and a Democrat as President.


  6. Wesley Sandel says:

    You did pretty well. In early February when the story of the virus began to gain traction and it became clear that Donald’s intention was to spread it far and wide, I predicted that “this asshole is going to kill one million Americans before this is over.” I hope I do worse than you did.

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    • Ten Bears says:

      Half-way there Wes, better to grow thicker skin.

      Half a million dead, five thousand a day dying, literally a dead American every second. I wish it could be said no one could have predicted but … it was. Just not necessarily this (that) year. As far as pandemics go, the Trump-Virus has been relatively mild. This isn’t the one that’s gonna’ kill us all – I said that in March – but the next one may be. We were better prepared before Trump, that makes it the Trump-Virus. He should be tried for genocide.

      Only been making movies about flying airplanes into NY skyscrapers since 1933.

      No one could have predicted …

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  7. Redhand says:

    Ya done good, tengrain.

    On a very minor note, I am greatly enjoying Moscow Mitch’s deballing and obvious agony on Wednesday. Not that I think he’ll have any Ma God, what have I done?” moments. But it’s good to see him broken.

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    • tengrain says:

      It’s a good point, Redhand. Elaine Chao can speak to the “de” part, but as we say, “The facts are not in evidence.”

      Gross, I know. Sorry.




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