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Scissorhead MDavis suggested we have a new tab up top with the names of all the elected insurrection and seditionists. Great idea.

Now get to work to vote them all out.

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11 Responses to New Tab

  1. Jeff Olson says:

    Good. Wonderful. Now – from an organizer, activist and shop steward:
    1. Find a damned meeting and go to it. Take notes and participate. Ask questions until you understand what’s going on. Your Union. Water Reclamation Board. School board. Highway Commission. Doesn’t matter. Find a meeting. You don’t need a sitter. Take your kid. Go.
    2. Who is your Democratic party precinct captain? Why don’t you know this?
    3. Clicks and likes are not going to change anything.
    4. Using processes – laws, rules and regulations is how you win. Lots and lots of losers are right. Know the rules. Know the laws. Know the regulations and enforce them. These are generally really simple. You enforce them by asking questions like: How does this policy impact rule x, section y paragraph iii? And asking again and again and again.
    5. Did I mention finding a damned meeting? Ask someone after each meeting: How are we smarter now? What did we learn?
    6. Are you at your meeting yet?

    Yours, In Solidarity!

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  2. sos says:

    That’s why checks notes MDavis makes the big bucks!

    Well done, top notch, top notch!

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    • purplehead says:

      Those were the maggots in support of the Texan lawsuit from last month. The list of maggots is slightly different for the Big Kahuna from yesterday. Same piece of fetid meat, though.

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  3. Unfortunately (or fortunately!) I don’t live in any of the AZ districts “represented” by the rebel scum.

    I did give a bunch of money to Hiral Tirpineni who got within 5 points of beating Schweikert in a R+9 district.

    the others are all in R+∞ kind of districts full of old white assholes. Go Covid!!!

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    • MDavis says:

      Your finger is right on the problem of organizing. However, there are always jobs like working in a clerks office for the court (I don’t qualify, I’m not from the right family and too old, but just an example) who can do things like process fines as declared rather than changing the court results after the fact to get more money and punishment for the Democrat (allegedly) in the dock.
      This sort of bs in a small place makes it really hard to organize. Think “Walking Tall” but in real life and you aren’t the tough guy cop, you’re just a guy trying to survive day to day.
      Or maybe a librarian, refusing to collect a list of the people checking out the “wrong sort of books”.


  4. S M McBean says:

    The list doesn’t include my POS Congresscritter Warren Davidson (OH 8), Freedumb Caucus asshole, West Point education, definitely knows better. Also from neighboring (OH 1) Steve Chabot, who IS stupid. Both voted against certification.


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