Bill Barr Blows, Part Infinity

Bill Barr Blows


Former Attorney General William Barr says President Donald Trump’s conduct as a violent mob of his supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol was a “betrayal of his office and supporters.”

In a statement to The Associated Press, Barr said Thursday that “orchestrating a mob to pressure Congress is inexcusable.”

Other than being, oh, many years too late and after you resigned, this was pretty brave, Bill.

You blow.

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10 Responses to Bill Barr Blows, Part Infinity

  1. donnah says:

    Bill Barr culpability? Two words: Mueller Report.

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  2. We need to steal repurpose the GOP’s 2012 rallying cry and stick it to them every time; You built this!”

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  3. buckobear says:

    When I served in the military, we had an axiom that said: “one AW shit cancels out a thousand attaboys.” As far as Barr’s performance goes it doesn’t work in reverse. This “attaboy” won’t cancel out his long history of “Aw Shits.”

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  4. sos says:

    Low Barr was on it. Like a pig in shit.

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  5. roket says:

    It appears that a few of the rats are finally fleeing the ship that sunk over two months ago. They all deserve a Medal of Freedom.

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  6. YellowDog says:

    Barr is such a delicate snowflake. He was fine with a bloodless coup, but a little violence and he runs to the media to decry it. I’m sure Chuck Todd will suck his dick, again.

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