Speculating Wildly

(Hat tip: Scissorhead Skinny-D)

This morning, the gossiping middle school hall monitors at Tiger Beat on the Potomac (that Charlie!) breathlessly speculate on Nancy Pelosi and her eventual replacement:

AND SO IT BEGINS…Pelosi this week won the gavel for perhaps the final time of her career. That will mean, of course, that the informal maneuvering to replace her and her top two deputies is beginning.

Pelosi and the caucus have a lot of pressing matters on their mind beyond her eventual successor. Still, Dem lawmakers and aides say the 117th Congress will likely see some of the inevitable tension that will arise between the most powerful speaker in a lifetime and the Democrats looking to carve out their own path.

Who’s next? Lawmakers and aides are eying a handful of possible contenders so far: Democratic Caucus Chairman Hakeem Jeffries, former Black Caucus Chairwoman Karen Bass, House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff for speaker. Assistant Speaker Katherine Clark, Vice Chair Pete Aguilar and Progressive Caucus Chair Pramila Jayapal.

The timing of Pelosi’s decision remains a secret, even to her close allies in Congress. In private meetings, Pelosi has given no indication of her timeline or thinking behind her departure, though she has hinted publicly at leaving after this term. And several Democrats predicted when Pelosi does choose to leave, she will do it on her terms and it will be a surprise to most. Heather and Sarah with the story: http://politi.co/3nmEcgU

I do not always agree with Nancy Pelosi’s politics, that said, I admire her ability to get bills through Congress. Her superpower is the ability to count, and if she doesn’t have the votes, she doesn’t push a bill. Do I think she’d be more liberal if she had the votes? Absolutely. But that’s not the situation on the ground. It will be even more difficult in 2021 with a much smaller margin of error. Bank on it.

The place where I am deeply upset with Pelosi, Politico lightly touches upon: she has never made the effort to train new leadership coming up through the ranks.

Maybe this is just my professional training, but the first thing we learned in management is that you always, Always, ALWAYS find and train your eventual successor. Pelosi has not done that, and the leadership of the Democrats is creaking with old age; one small outbreak of the Trump-Virus and a whole generation of experience is gone with no one left knowing how she did it. Pelosi needs to bottle that shit and force-feed it to the next generation develop new leaders rather than guarding her flank.

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10 Responses to Speculating Wildly

  1. Maybe they learn like planarians?


  2. Meremark says:

    Strong, maybe strongest validated objection.
    As I read I thought of her deathtrap of Catholicism. Would she hold it and lose our country? As rightists asked of JFK?

    In his case, doubtful. In her case, not so benefited. Difference is grandchildren+ effects.

    Moreover, any step or act, wrong or right, false or true, can drop her in Office, Oval. Most precarious, long validated.


  3. Meremark says:

    Prior typo it is ‘deathgrip’ not as appears. GD spelchek .


  4. R White says:

    Pelosi’s words and actions are no different than those from RBG, another sociopathic boomer who foolishly couldn’t see how liberalism is bigger than her personally and how most empathetic and intelligent adults view any type of legislative solutions from a Clintonian neo-liberal point of view as hot garbage. The void of leadership will remain as long as dims continue to ignore and take for granted the minority working classes and real progressives while foolishly reaching out to ex-republican suburban whites.

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  5. Dennis Cole says:

    If I might make a suggestion for the first reform(s)?
    Limit the power and extent of the Prezenential Pardon, while shredding the memo, or guideline, or “strongly-worded suggestion” or whatever it is that says a sitting preznit cannot be indicted, or arrested, or even investigated, hardly.
    That shit got WAY outta hand this time around, and it didn’t turn out well.


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  7. Jimmy T says:

    Found this early this morning, thought the MPSers would like it ciao…

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