Well-played. Very well-played, Mr. Raffensperger


Prznint Stupid, who completely lacks the ability to see even one step ahead, probably did not see the fall-out from another of his perfect phone calls this time to shake-down a common Secretary of State and not a Ukrainian president:

The WaPo:

“The only Democrat on Georgia’s state election board on Sunday called on Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger (R) to investigate possible civil and criminal violations committed by President Trump during a phone call over the weekend in which the president pressured Raffensperger to ‘find’ enough votes to overturn his defeat.”

And thus our morning quote, in context,  is from Raffensperger hisself:

“I understand that the Fulton County district attorney wants to look at it. Maybe that’s the appropriate venue for it to go.”

…which would be unpardonable.

Carl Bernstein: “This was something far worse than Watergate.”

Tiger Beat’s morning email thingie clears up something, see if you can spot it!

How it came about: When the president and his team reached out to talk to Raffensperger on Saturday, the GA secretary of state and his team decided to record the phone call, an adviser told my colleague Marc Caputo. The tape was a classic CYA move — added security — for a president who is quick to bend the truth to fit his own whims. After the call, Raffensperger’s team sat on the tape — that is, until Trump claimed on Twitter Sunday morning that Raffensperger was “unwilling, or unable, to answer” questions about the supposed voter fraud. And then — kaboom! — the recording came out and pretty much broke the internet on Sunday, to say nothing of its effect on the Georgia runoffs.

“So if he’s going to try to dispute anything on the call, it’s nice to have something like this, hard evidence, to dispute whatever he’s claiming about the secretary,” one adviser told Caputo. More from Marc: http://politi.co/354xc1x

And here is the very succinct tweet: The Truth Will Out!!1!

If you listened to the call, you really get the sense that Prznint Stupid is completely unravelling at the thought of being the world’s biggest loser, and so we might be in danger of losing our Beelyion Quatloos bet that whole episode has been a cynical grift to squeeze more Ameros out of the Rubes.  Maybe it can be both: he’s multi-tasking!

Lord Damp Nut goes to Georgeduh to campaign for fellow grifters Loeffler and Perdue tonight, the run-offs are tomorrow, and the electoral college vote is on Wednesday.

Anyway, the Party of Sedition has still said nothing about it, and that’s all you need to know.

UPDATE 1: “There were 18 attempted calls from the White House to GA secretary of state’s office, sources say”

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18 Responses to Well-played. Very well-played, Mr. Raffensperger

  1. sos says:

    Let’s hear it for (new) Fulton County GA District Attorney Fani Willis!

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  2. He just does not get it. Let him keep shoveling, deeper and deeper.

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  3. spotthedog says:

    The man has no grasp of reality, he has all along mostly deluded himself. And it may be appropriate to paraphrase Dick Cheney; “the regime is in its last throes”.

    CNN reports that the Whitey House attempted 18 calls to the GA sos between the election, but the recorded one was the only one in which Raffensperger spoke directly with tRump. He apparently finally said “Hell, I guess I have to talk to the guy”. After the dust has settled, it would be interesting for Raffensperger to expound on why he voted for tRump.

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    • R White says:

      While I applaud Raffensperger for standing up to the vulgar incompetent fuck, he isn’t a hero, he’s just covering his ass. This is the guy that the redneck asshole gov kkkemp worked with to purge voters in south Fulton, Gwinnett & dekalb counties (areas where minorities were the majority) b/c their signatures didn’t match up, which any stenographer will tell you change over time during the last election. Sad that the tribalism is so great that some people will continue to support such incompetent frauds over supposedly evil democrats.

      Corrupt grifter Perdue, who has lied about being sick with COVID since he doesn’t fare well with questions from the public or the worthless media, has now stated how Raffensperger shouldn’t have aired the recording of Cheeto Jesus’ obvious delusions & wanton corruption. Hopefully enough sane adults are there voting to kick his sorry ass to the curb. It shouldn’t be close.

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  4. donnah says:

    Raffensberger, a Republican supporter, deserves some applause for realizing what Trump was up to and making provisions for it. He knew Trump was coming back for him and he set up a safety net. And he held onto it until Trump attacked him. Good planning, good reaction, and thank god for another bite on Trump’s ass.

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    • tengrain says:

      Donnah –

      Raffensberger also had his own attorney there as a witness, and LDN even directed so questions and wrath at him. So besides the half-dozen or so witnesses in the Whitey House (who probably are immune from testifying, should they be subpoenaed before January 20th), there is also that person. You know, in case the recording is somehow or other not admissible in court.

      This was very thought through.



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  5. buckobear says:

    Read the transcript. If that serving of word salad doesn’t convince you that he’s losing it, nothing will. As former VP Dan Quayle said, “… a mind is a terrible thing to lose.”

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  6. Buttermilk Sky says:

    Why the obsession with Georgia? Fourteen electoral votes are not going to change anything except the size of the Biden landslide. Could that be it?

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    • Bruce388 says:

      I’m willing to assume Lord Damp Nut has been calling multiple states with the same demands. The GA SOS had the foresight to record the craziness.

      I know he’s had the PA legislative leaders at the White House for conversations, and I doubt he wants to discuss a vacation in the Poconos.

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  7. Wesley Sandel says:

    Did the members of the GOP just figure out that Donald is a congenital liar who will lie about anyone and anything?


    • R White says:

      Chuck Todd & Brian Williams are doing their best impressions of Macauley Culkin from Home Alone since both overrated assholes are still convinced that the vulgar orange prick will somehow act “ presidential.”

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  8. roket says:

    The dumbass made him an offer he could refuse. On tape.

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  9. laura says:

    Brad knows someone’s likely to go to jail when all is said and done. Brad doesn’t want it to be Brad.


  10. beckymaenot says:

    Shit- you know Kemp will just pardon the Trump out of trouble…
    Brad, however, probably can’t count on that and so he brought his own lawyer.

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  11. revzafod says:

    Maybe Drumpf and Ms Lindsey can share a cell, as they’ll both be in for the same crime.

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