Prznint Stupid Will Be In Scotland Before Ye

Anywhere-But-Here Tour

Future AF-1
(Air Forced Once?)

According to the Sunday Post, Lord Damp Nut is planning his escape… to Scotland? Get in a round of golf on our dime before fleeing to the warm-embrace of the Saudis?

“President Trump could be planning a trip to Scotland to avoid attending his successor Joe Biden’s inauguration.“Prestwick airport has been told to expect the arrival of a US military Boeing 757 aircraft, that is occasionally used by Trump, on January 19 – the day before his Democratic rival takes charge at the White House.

“Speculation surrounding Trump’s plans has been fuelled by the activity of US Army aircraft, which were based at Prestwick airport for a week and said to be carrying out 3D reconnaissance of the president’s Turnberry resort.”

As the Scots were the ones who graced us with the epithet of “Mango-hued shitgibbon” at the beginning of the 4th Reich, I think we can count on them to come up with some appropriate nomenclature for the final scene of this tragic/comic farce.

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21 Responses to Prznint Stupid Will Be In Scotland Before Ye

  1. spotthedog says:

    The next Last King of Scotland?

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  2. osirisopto says:

    I hope somebody told him we don’t have an extradition treaty with Scotland.

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  3. Steve-O says:

    I’m fine with him running away to hide with the Saudis. Nothing says guilty like running from everything you say you are innocent of doing.
    He can still be found guilty in absentia, and never be allowed back into the country.

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    • And all his assets here seized. Merde a lagoon cannot be seized in bankruptcy proceedings, per FL law, but that doesn’t protect against tax evasion charges.

      Since the Scottish courts (iirc) are considering money laundering charges against him, he’s gonna lose Turnberry, too if found guilty there. At the rate he’s going he’ll end up owning just Trump Tower Khazakstan, unless the Kazhaks seize it too.

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  4. donnah says:

    Trump was threatening to run a split screen of himself in front of a massive cheering crowd during Biden’s Inaugural event. Now he’ll be out on a golf course, sulking and kicking his ball out of the weeds.

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  5. schmice3 says:

    He will end up rejected worldwide just like that despot Shah of Iran.

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  6. buckobear says:

    Apparently, Scotland has just announced a complete lockdown for the month of January. Maybe they won’t let him in.

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  7. Sirius Lunacy says:

    Someone should tell him it is NOT Scot-freeland.

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  8. Perturbation says:

    Yes it’s a grift. Yes he’s freaking out about looking like a huge loser, even though he knows damn well he’s looked like a huge, flailing loser all his life. But also the mountain of legal trouble he’s looking at after the 20th contributes to the frantic, shithouse rat desperation to stay in office by any means. And in the process he’s making that mountain bigger.

    Susan Collins was right that impeachment taught him a lesson, it was just the wrong lesson.

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  9. Willem Oosterhof says:

    As of today England, and that includes Scotland, is in a nationwide lockdown till halfway February. All non essential shops are closed, restaurants are only open for business as takeaway services. And I bet golf courses are closed as well.

    He might be sitting on his thumbs for all I care, if he even makes it to Scotland. He’s not priznint anymore by then, just a regular private citizen.

    The small comfort from Covid-19. It keeps out douchebags like him.

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