The Horror, The Horror

Through rituals dank and arcane, the necromancers of Merde-a-Lardo exhumed Dick Clark to give maskless Rudy one last lap dance with Jr.’s emotional support cougar :

Was it just me, or did it look like Faceberg was dancing next to Jr. Mints

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17 Responses to The Horror, The Horror

  1. Looks like Vanilla Ice monetized his gig further by working the valet parking when he wasn’t on stage…

    no that’s not faceberg, that face is, if possible even whiter and doughier.

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  2. spotthedog says:

    Always figured Kimberly was a ‘superspreader’, also I bet the virus got passed around there too.

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  3. sos says:

    Things I learned today via MPS :
    1. Hell looks as awful as expected.
    2. There is live music in hell.
    3. It’s REALLY awful!
    4. So that is what a super-duper spreader event (in hell) looks like.
    5. Damn HELL am I happy to have missed that atrocity!

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  4. purplehead says:

    Wow. They’re partying like it’s 2019. I just don’t get these people who think they are bullet-proof, er, uh, disease-proof. Can’t wait to see who comes down with TrumpVirus.

    And no, I don’t think that’s Faceberg. There was too much movement in his eyebrows and face.

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  5. julesmomcat says:

    This one gets filed under “GOP STUPIDITY.’

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  6. That’s one of the most pathetic things I’ve seen.

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  7. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    That ‘ring of fire’ was a rash, no idea who gave it to whom.


  8. glitterbug says:

    Just when you thought the whining wingnuts couldn’t get any more stupid, here ya go.
    Truly bottomless


  9. roket says:

    A good time was had by all the white trash, baby.

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  10. mr perfect says:

    I’m old enough to remember the hype of Studio 54 back in the day, a venue I would never have gone into no matter how wealthy or famous I might have been. The same as this NYE party. Who in their right mind would be seen dead (which still may happen) with that group of lowlives?

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