Ayatollah Ted Joins the Fun

Z is for Zodiac, a letter in Cruz’ name!

Of course this was going to happen:

A growing number of Republican senators — led by Ted Cruz — announced today they also will object to certifying state Electoral College votes on Wednesday and called for resurrecting an Electoral Commission to conduct an emergency audit of the results.

Why it matters: Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell had hoped to avoid the spectacle of his party leading a last-ditch effort to prevent Joe Biden from being declared the 2020 election winner, but Josh Hawley of Missouri said he would raise a general objection and now other Republican senators plan to air more specific grievances.

Ayatollah Ted’s 2024 Goat Rodeo campaign motto is, Leave No Cinder Block Unthrown.  He wants to destroy democracy so he can be elected to run the gubmint, makes perfect sense to the seditionists.

And so before you ask,  the question was on the radar of our pals at Electoral-Vote this morning:

Q: Could you give a step-by-step rundown of the process by which Congress will count the electoral votes, carried all the way to its end? Your opinion on how it will unfold will be nice to hear, too. R.J.C., Salem, OR

A: The first step in the process actually happens on January 3. On that day, Congress will receive the electoral counts from the Archivist of the United States, and will also adopt the rules that will govern the conduct of business on January 6. This portion of the proceedings isn’t getting much attention, because it’s normally pro forma—Congress just adopts the procedure laid out in the Electoral Count Act of 1887. Maybe that will happen again this year, but maybe it won’t. Don’t put it past Mitch McConnell to find a way to adjust things, so that challenges to electoral slates are strictly limited or are forbidden entirely.

Assuming that the normal procedures are followed, then Congress will commence a Joint Session at 1:00 p.m. on January 6. The presiding officer of the Senate (VP Mike Pence or, in his absence, President Pro Tempore Chuck Grassley) will open the envelopes in alphabetical order of the states’ names, and then hand them off to the four members of Congress who have been appointed as “tellers.” The tellers will read the results, state by state (plus D.C.), in alphabetical order. After each result is read (so, 51 times), the presiding officer of the Senate will ask if there are any objections. Once any and all objections are resolved, then the tellers add up the total EVs, and announce the winner of the election.

As we know, there is going to be at least one objection this year (unless McConnell pulls a parliamentary rabbit out of his hat), and possibly more. The objection has to be in written form, has to lay out the basis for the objection, and has to be signed by at least one senator and one representative. Once the objection is lodged, the two houses of Congress adjourn to their respective chambers to discuss the matter. Then, each chamber votes whether to sustain the objection or not. If either chamber rejects the objection, then it is dead.

Needless to say, the House will reject any and all objections, so there is zero chance of Donald Trump overtaking Joe Biden. But even if an objection is sustained, then all that happens is that the slate of electors is returned to the governor of the state in question for them to re-submit. And undoubtedly all of them would re-submit the same slate of electors as they’ve already submitted. That particularly holds for Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, all of them currently being led by Democratic governors.

And it doesn’t matter if all the Republican Senators object, it still has to pass BOTH houses of Congress.

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11 Responses to Ayatollah Ted Joins the Fun

  1. MDavis says:

    I find it disturbing that the recurring headline is that this effort will not succeed because there is a majority of Democrats in the House.
    It must be a sign of how far the Republican Party has fallen that the headlines never say it won’t succeed because it is obviously (stupid/seditionist/attempted-coup) since Republicans are fine with all that as long as they “win”.

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    • since Republicans are fine with all that as long as they “win”.

      This has been their modus operandi for 40+ years. They’re just screaming the quiet parts into a bullhorn this year. None of this nonsense is new, what IS new is the brazen and open acceptance of complete and transparent lies to justify their sedition.

      They have always proceeded on the basis of “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire!” after commiting arson.

      (Remember the endless hearings about Vince Foster, and the plain and open acceptance of the conspiracy theory “Hitlery had him killed”, by the GOP leadership.

      Remember too, this is where the term “Village” came from…the media was just as bad then and in the tank for authoritarians then, as well.

      Remember, three, this was when a sitting senator told THE PRESIDENT that he shouldn’t come to his state because they might just find the need to assassinate him.

      Pepperidge Dirty Fucking Liberal Farm remembers… )

      It’s just this year they’re saying it while throwing the smoke grenades and incendiaries out in front of our noses and claiming that we should believe them, not our lying eyes.

      What really scares me is the notion that this feels like the 1857 election redo….and there are no clear geographic lines dividing the sides this time. This is not a recipe for Civil War II, it’s a recipe for Rwanda II: When really BIG countries do it

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  2. donnah says:

    These Senators and Representatives like Gohmert are deliberately weakening the structure of democracy. What enrages me is that processes that have held firm over time are now being pummeled by a host of losers who are loyal to a weak, criminal president who refuses to concede. They’re protesting an election in which many of them were elected! They’re pathetic, they’re raising their base to new levels of violent protest, and they’re challenging the honor and integrity of our system.

    Goddammit, when does this end?! Is this the new policy for Republicans who lose, to challenge the system until it breaks? We lost when they let Trump off in Impeachment, we lost when they seated a new Supreme when RBG died, we lost when we didn’t get a new majority in the Senate. We can’t seem to get a sense of security, even when we got a Democratic president.

    Good grief, let this all work out for us. Our democracy can’t take much more.

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  3. Oneofthebobs says:

    Ted, if you don’t like this country, please feel free to go back to where you came from.

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    • Canada would close their borders so hard and so fast I would be able to hear the CLANG from down here in the TSKoA… I believe ‘Sending Ted Cruz back to where he came from is a war crime’ is one of less well-known of the Geneva Conventions…

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  4. Wesley Sandel says:

    Let them count the votes again. These people are corrupt in every sense of the word.

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    • ali redford says:

      Agreed, except that this will cost money, of course. Money that could do so many things we the people prefer our money did.


  5. Big Bad bald Bastard says:

    We will end up with President Pelosi before all the dust settles. I’m okay with that.

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  6. Ten Bears says:

    Raphael “Ted” Cruz wasn’t born here. He’s a Qban Canadian illegal alien.

    Castro’s dead, all those boat-people can go home now.

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  7. osirisopto says:

    This goes a long way towards proving my theory that authoritarians are either kissing somebodies ass or getting their own kissed.

    It seems the stupid ones really like doing the kissing.

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  8. mamadillo says:

    Meh. Guess it’s time to go clean and reload my mother’s little Beretta, the one she used back in 1951 while packing her suitcase for the very imminent birth of her second child while simultaneously attempting to persuade a very persistent Fuller Brush salesman that she was in active labor, the naval air station’s hospital, was 27 miles down a rural Maryland road and she was in no %$&#!! mood to keep arguing with him about the likelihood of his really getting shot. He left immediately when he realized she would indeed shoot him and had, in fact, just done so. (Well, she shot his suit coat, anyway. Close enough.)

    The rest of us are evidently going to need to clean and reload our own weaponry in the next day or two; wouldn’t want the numbnut R’s to screw things up worse than they already have. And send up a flare if anything hits the news tomorrow before MSNBC can send the message up on a kite string.


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