Ring out the Old, Ring In the New

Scissorheads –

Thank you for joining me in my primal scream, er, 2020. I’m speechless, you know, in that primal scream sort of way. It’s clear communication like that that keeps you coming back for more, huh?

I’m grateful beyond all measure for all the editing, the fact checking, the calling me out when I’m wrong; oh, wait. I’m not grateful for that, but I am indebted to you for making the ol’ Thunderbolt Grease-slapper the home of the internet’s incorrigible spitballers ™. The internet self-sorts, and I couldn’t be happier that we all ended up as comrades-in-arms.

2020 has been a year of highs and lows: we impeached the motherfucker, we voted the motherfucker out of office, and we have (so far) survived a pandemic that the motherfucker made worse. I cannot believe that we made it through the 2020 shartnado and in only a few weeks our long, national nightmare will be over, you know, unless the Republicans are successful in overthrowing the gubmint to install Lord Damp Nut on the throne. (See what I did there?)

But tonight, as we remain socially distanced, please know that I hold you close in my heart.

And so, from the tip of my nose to the bottoms of my toes, I thank you for another memorable year. I will toast to our good health tonight, and to our comrades-in-arms no longer with us, gone to spitball in the great beyond, or offline. I know, I know, I’m doing it again, but it really is the perfect song for us, Scissorheads:

If you’re with me /
Next year will be /
The perfect year

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30 Responses to Ring out the Old, Ring In the New

  1. skinnydennis says:

    Thanks and glad to be part of this.

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  2. spotthedog says:

    I anticipate feeling much more festive on Jan. 20, but I wish the best to Tengrain and all Scissorheads in 2021!

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  3. Array says:

    Just another evening in the pandemic, surrounded by Scissorheads. Let there be endless evenings surrounded by Scissorheads, with much gratitude to Big Blade hisself! Thank you, TG and everyone. We made it to the cusp. Onward, to ‘noon (EST) January 20.

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  4. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    I will be glad to put 2020 behind me.

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  5. Nancy A KUYKENDALL says:

    I’ve realized that 2020 was the end of innocence. Judicially speaking anywho. We thought the law would be the bulwark. Nah. Here’s to even a marginally better 2021.

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  6. ming says:

    Happy New Year everyone. Peace, health, and prosperity to all y’all.

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  7. Dennis Cole says:

    TG – by my second day here, I had a minor epiphany: : “I’m home! I’ve found a comfort zone in one of the Blogospheres randomly orbiting through Cyberspace, careering hither and yon, while careening off of so many other blogs, and finding so many (slightly-warped, bent, but not broken) folks who say like I think!”

    It’s been an amazing ride, and I only wish I’d found this haven of mavens sooner.

    Majik is what you make of it, and it always involves a Spell. Which is why my day job is Grammar Cop. “To correct & serve” is our motto, and I never get harsh with the host if I can help it. Usually I get by by blaming it on the drugs.

    Keep those cards & letters, folks. See you on the other side. (Of the calendar.)

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  8. Czippie l`Shimpe says:

    Thank you Grain, for all you do. For many of us, we may not have much to say most of the time, but we always appreciate your insights and humour. There aren’t many sites I go to every day, but you continue to be required reading. I’d say that you keep us sane, but it’s pretty obvious that that ship sailed a long time ago.

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  9. roket says:

    Maybe if we’re lucky 2021 will be the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. And don’t forget to eat your blackeyed peas, cabbage and whatnot.

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  10. Karla says:

    I realized yesterday that 1-20-2021 is a palindrome, and I’m a sucker for palindromes. That day keeps getting better and better.
    Thanks for letting me hang out here, and here’s to an improved 2021. Maybe a great 2022. Especially if we can vote out some of these assholes like lil Marco and others.
    1 minute till midnight in FL. See ya on the other side!

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  11. 2020, the end of a most shitteous year of masked isolation soaked in financial ruin,
    2020, the end of a tragic decade took both my parents and 4 of my best friends and,
    2020, the end of the 4 year Dolt45-Debacle.

    Sadly, 2021 will be a continuation of the same mask bearing isolation in stark poverty , more family and friends will be lost … but …
    does a Snoopy dance
    Seriously, I couldn’t have made it through these past 4 years without all of you here … -🎵you are the wind beneath my wings🎶 … and no, I didn’t fly higher than an eagle, but you kept me going with my chin up that we’d beat the bad and the bogus.
    This place, you people=I appreciate.
    WE did it! Thank you.
    (or even just, BETTER NEW YEAR!)

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  12. well, all you idiots, the is is pretty much a daily stop for me. But then, I love sarcasm and irregular humor. Yeah, it made to ease the horrors of 2020. It also allowed to shout terrible things at our ‘betters’. I’m not gonna stop, are you? our neighborhood is setting off fireworks and why not? We will wake up tomorrow, and get up and clean up and go to work. And some of us will think that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are doing that too, and that may make us feel a bit better. And we will think That orange the who couldn’t even tolerate his NYE party at his personal mansion, still is unable to make a public appearance because LOSER.

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  13. Redhand says:

    Even if I join the party late, I would be remiss in not making a cameo appearance and wishing all here a 2021 worlds better than what we’ve just been through. The fight to return our Nation to a healthy democracy remains a huge challenge, but the critical first victory was achieved in Nov., and will be the new reality on Jan. 20th! Happy New Year!

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  14. moeman says:

    Merci TG and all the best in 2021.

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  15. donnah says:

    Thanks, TG, for providing so much for us. There are countless political blogs out there, but this one is special. You give us the facts, the figures, and the opinions, but there are birds (who are NOT jerks) and cats and silly signs, dad jokes and stories from the heart that make it a safe and welcome place to visit.

    I hope you can shake off the detritus of 2020 and guide us safely into this shiny new year. I know I’ll be right behind you all the way.

    Happy New Year, Scissorheads!

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  16. artahzen says:

    Happy New Year to all the Scissorheads. TG does the work of a god here, bringing enlightenment and Dad jokes to us all. I have hope for the new year so we will see. I will be here, reading every day and getting strength to continue. Thank you all.

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  17. Jimmy T says:

    I just woke up (literally not figuratively). Couldn’t seem to make it past midnight (something to do with the three martinis ‘m guessing). Thanks for making this blog a fun place to visit (and add spurious and sometimes serious content). Wishing you and all the MPSers (is too a word) a healthy and hearty new year (not so much so for the fascists out there). In 19 days if everything goes as expected, we can have a sane and normal president (and possibly see Trump arrested). I feel I’ve been living in an alternate reality (with too many brackets ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), for the last four years. I’ll get better soon. Oh, and thanks for putting up with me (thankless task I’m sure).

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  18. ali redford says:

    I didn’t make it til midnight, either. But, we have 3 in. of snow on the ground here, which always makes me happy especially when we don’t lose power or internet, so Happy New Year’s Day to all of us, and definitely here’s to a much better 2021! 🎆🖖🎆🖖

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  19. markspctechgmailcom says:

    Happy New Year, Tengrain. This is still my favorite stop on the intertubes and I get around. I can’t say more than the Scissorheads above have already said. And I agree wholeheartedly.


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  20. Made it to midnight, but only because we gotta hold the dogs because the numbskulls think everything must be celebrated with explosions, then conked, but I’ll add my own thanks for you all.

    To carry on a theme from the last thread, “Y’all are the wind breaking beneath my wings!” 🙂

    Never change Fellow Scissorheads! May 2021 be the year 2020 did NOT, in fact, win!

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  21. glitterbug says:

    Happy New Year TG. If you ever find yourself in South Jersey/Philly, let me know.

    Thanks for all you do! You help keep me sane.

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  22. It’s been my inestimable privilege to join you Scissorheads on this harrowing journey through Drumpfian purgatory. Thanks for letting me stowaway for another trip around Sol with you.
    Your finally honed senses of sarcasm and auxesis bring delight in times of need. The best is yet to come, I hope we all last that long.

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