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Mitch McConnell’s plans go boom.

Axios Alert –

In an extraordinary conference call this morning with fellow Senate Republicans, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said his Jan. 6 vote certifying Joe Biden’s victory in the 2020 election will be “the most consequential I have ever cast,” according to a source on a call and two other sources briefed on the private remarks.

The big picture: The conference call came in the wake of Sen. Josh Hawley defying McConnell’s wishes and publicly declaring that he’ll object to certifying the electoral votes in Pennsylvania and perhaps in other states as well…

Behind the scenes: McConnell said on the call that the Jan. 6 vote is “a vote of conscience,” these sources said.

  • A source paraphrased McConnell as saying, “I’m finishing 36 years in the Senate and I’ve cast a lot of big votes.” including over war and impeachment.
  • “And in my view, just my view,” McConnell said, “this is will be the most consequential I have ever cast.”
  • “The context was McConnell saying we’re being asked to overturn the results after a guy didn’t get as many electoral votes and lost by 7 million popular votes,” the source said.

I suppose voting to overthrow the gubmint will be consequential, #MoscowMitch. Your conference better hang together because you will surely hang separately if you don’t.

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14 Responses to News That Will Drive You To Drink

  1. spotthedog says:

    Wonder if he’s had any second thoughts about that whole impeachment thing.

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  2. Ten Bears says:

    “… finishing 36 years in the senate” !?

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  3. Dennis Cole says:

    Yeah, swell, ya gotta vote yer conscience, (which most Rethugs don’t bother with, coz it has that nasty word science in it,) and make a specious claim how it’s so consequential, but lemme ask you THIS, Yertle: *what’s the most consequential DECISION you’ve ever made? Ya know, when it comes to blocking legislation, or prez-appointed judgeships?

    Because there are SO many, I don’t think you could pluck just one plum from that gnarled old prune tree.

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  4. Lsamsa says:

    Asking as someone who doesn’t know all the ins & outs of the procedures/rules in the U.S. government…does his vote carry the same weight as the other senators in this particular instance?
    Or can it affect things in a very meaningful way?
    (Bloody hell, this man is one incredibly evil bastard!!)

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    • tengrain says:

      Lsamsa –

      MoscowMitch’s vote is the same as the others. ($20, same as in town.)

      His only superpower is that he gets to decide what gets voted on, but there are a few procedures that he is beholden to, and this confirmation is one of them.

      They go on record as traitors on January 6.



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  5. Your conference better hang together because you will surely hang separately if you don’t.

    Oh, come on, we libtards are clever clogs, it would be a doddle to hang them together!

    Just need to apply the right engineering to the scaffolding. The trick is to get all the trap doors to go at once.

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    • tengrain says:

      I saw Kevin Costner save the hangmen.

      I still recommend a tank of piranhas and a hearty “Bon Appetite” as the last words.



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    • Ten Bears says:

      We figured that out in the wild west days, Bruce, right there in Prineville.

      Trouble with the scaffold approach there’s no warning, the bottom just drops out. It’s over. On a horse, on the other hand, the horse will bunch up its muscles before jumping and just for an instant there is that anticipation, they know: ‘this is it!’ Last one of those was ’62, out of Burns, back when molesting women was still a hangin’ offense.

      Last gunfight was ’62, in Mitchell. Town’s still dry though last time I was out there Schnees was still sellin’ beer out of that trailer just outside of town. Did ya’ ever notice notice how the liquor store just off The Rez is … meh, nevermind.

      Forgive me, it was noted last night this past year marked thirty-three (33) years of relative sobriety, half my life drug and alcohol free. There’s nothin’ worse than a reformed drunk.

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  6. roket says:

    Obviously, and to make it really and truly consequential, this means he will have to vote for the Constitution instead of his party. For the very first time. Please make a note of it.

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  7. spotthedog says:

    I’m waiting for Mitch to be called a Liberal, any moment now.

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  8. donnah says:

    What I’ve enjoyed, and by “enjoyed”, I mean “been sickened by” has been the destruction by Republicans of some pretty basic and standard governmental structure. Some were rules or laws that were ignored or flat-out broken, some were just flauted and abused, but a lot of shit got broken and Mitch sat back and let it rip. He chuckled and got busy when RBG died, a prize he had sought for years, a freebie on the Supreme Court pick list. Mitch the Bitch has jammed hundreds of conservative judges into all of the small spaces and he’s blocked legislation that would have helped millions of people in desperate need. He and his wife are multi-millionaires and both wield considerable power, but he’s the Grand Dragon in the Senate and he’ll fight tooth and claw to keep being that.

    Georgia’s vote is our last shot. If he retains power, we will see four years of blocking votes and shady deals. I would love to see Ol’ Purple Hands take a dive, but he’s running on the adrenalin of pure evil, so we are stuck with him if we can’t overwhelm the polls.

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