Trouble for Amply Be-Chinned Mitch McConnell?

#MoscowMitch has 5-year plan for world domination

Last night, the House passed a bill that would increase payments to each American from $600 Ameros up to $2K Ameros as Prznint Stupid requested. The measure passed 275-134, with Democrats voting “HELL YES” by a 231-2 margin, joined by 44 Republicans.

And so now the legislation goes to amply be-chinned Mitch McConnell to die.

Ol’ Mitch doesn’t want to put the grifters Loeffler and Perdue into jeopardy with Possum Hollar by having them take a stand, and secondly McConnell hates doing anything that helps actual, you know, actual living people. Tax cuts for corporations? Absolutely! Tax cuts for super-rich ghouls like himself, you betcha! $2K Ameros to keep people housed and whatnot, not so much. “Bootstraps, people,” said Mitch,  “Use them.”

Anyway, it gets more complicated. Tiger Beat on the Potomac (thanks Charlie!) morning email thingie:

— SEN. BERNIE SANDERS (I-Vt.) told our BURGESS EVERETT that he will block consideration of the NDAA veto override until Senate Majority LeaderMITCH MCCONNELL schedules a vote on the $2,000 check bill. SANDERScould delay the NDAA override until Jan. 1, and keep the chamber in session over the weekend. MCCONNELL hoped to vote on the NDAA veto override on Wednesday.

By making a filibuster move, Bernie is also keeping Loeffler and Perdue in D.C., so they cannot campaign. TBotP continues:


1) Ignore SANDERS and force a New Year’s Day vote. But that does screw with Sens. KELLY LOEFFLER and DAVID PERDUE’s campaigning in Georgia.

2) Put up a vote on the $2,000 bill and see what happens. Maybe some Republican slows it down. Maybe it eventually passes, maybe not.

WATCH FOR MCCONNELL when he speaks as he opens the Senate today for clues on where all of this is going.

And some senators are breaking ranks already:

…and not surprisingly, Loeffler smells money in the water:

Nicely dodged! Make it a loyalty to Lord Damp Nut and maybe the deficit hawks in Possum Hollar will back off?

Anyway, I’m waiting for Schrödinger’s Senator Rand Paul to have one of his usual conniption fits, and for the stupidest person in the Senate (pre-Tuberville Division) Ron Johnson to do something screwie.

UPDATE 1: Axios tells us Perdue learned that neat-o trick from Loeffler.


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  2. Ten Bears says:

    There seems to be some issues regarding the NDAA and some of our mange-hued shit-gibboon’s shell holding companies, and his veto wasn’t just a fit of pique.


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