Louie Gohmert Has A Plan!

I cannot even… when your last-ditch effort depends upon the brain of Screwie Louie, well, you’re a drowning man swimming to a sinking ship.

Gohmert suit may force Pence’s hand in effort to overturn Trump’s defeat

“Gohmert and a handful of the would-be electors sued Pence in federal court on Monday in a long-shot bid to throw out the rules that govern Congress’ counting of electoral votes next week. It’s an effort they hope will permit Pence — who is tasked with leading the Jan. 6 session of the House and Senate — to simply ignore President-elect Joe Biden’s electors and count Trump’s losing slates instead.”

So, let me get this straight. Screwie Louie thinks that Pence can open up the sealed vote totals and declare Lord Damp Nut the winner, and delcair all the votes void.

“Though the lawsuit itself is unlikely to gain legal traction, it does put Pence in the position of having to either contest the suit — putting him on the opposite side of Trump and his GOP defenders — or support it and lay bare the intention to subvert the will over the voters in the 2020 election.”

I’m putting my quatloos that Pence is going to hop on a plane to anywhere so that Chuck Grassley has the ceremonial honors of certifying Handsome Joe Biden’s win, and so that Pence can enter the 2024 Goat Rodeo without having a big target on his back.

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13 Responses to Louie Gohmert Has A Plan!

  1. Bids to change the results have gotten so desperate that I’m half-imagining a “Mission Impossible” style caper to switch the envelopes with the “alternative” elector counts.

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  2. glitterbug says:

    I cannot even… when your last-ditch effort depends upon the brain of Screwie Louie, well, you’re a drowning man swimming to a sinking ship.

    This is why I love you, TG. But not like that if you know what I mean and I think you do.

    I was accepted to UW, eons ago, but their Chemistry labs looked like Louis Pasteur had worked there, so I ended up at Pittsburgh, with a brand spanking new Chem building.

    Seattle is great!

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    • tengrain says:

      A niece of mine, now earning her doctorate in physics at Northwestern, visited UW and left unimpressed. She said that the labs were last updated when Newton was looking at the apple orchard, but before his nap.

      It runs in the family.



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  3. YellowDog says:

    If Steve Harvey shows up to count the votes, the fix is in.

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  4. And this ship of fools has the cosplay TSKoA Republican electors and TSKoA GOP chairlunatic Khemtrails Kelli onboard, too.

    The ones who claim because a handful of R legislators got together and wrote a letter, that meant “The Legislatuuur Hurr Duur Exermasized they’re Cosntitoooshunamal Dooties And Selectumated them some EEE-Lectors, and there for summa come loudly ipso factoid abracadabra: Trump REALLY won Arizona!”

    (no, seriously, THIS is actually their argument. Under plenty of perjury, I have no doubt. )

    …despite the fact that both the AZ Senate and House leaders ended the Legislative session weeks before and (I swear) found that cave in Petra to hide their gavels next to the Holy Grail so it couldn’t possibly be brought back into session…

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  5. roket says:

    So they’re filing a lawsuit that would allow them to cheat? How desperate is that?

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  6. Buttermilk Sky says:

    So back in January 2001 Al Gore should have said, “Oh, wait, I just found another slate of Florida electors!” So simple if you don’t respect the Constitution or your oath of office.

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  7. Dennis Cole says:

    Deliciously seditious!


    • Yeah. Nancy Smash should not seat Loonie Louie, citing the 14thA.

      Hum…I wonder if some brave soul in Loonie’s disctrict would have standing to challenge his right to hold office under the 14th Amendment. It would be soooo delicious if LDN’s hand-picked (for him by the Federalist Society and Moscow Mitch) Judges actually stood up for the Constitution like that…

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  8. Wesley Sandel says:

    You can not fully understand Gohmert without visiting Tyler. All the white people are very polite and correct and completely corrupt and ugly. It’s the only place I’ve ever been where the hotel actually listed the room rates by the hour.


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