Rock Bottom and Still Digging

Gallup tells us

Public’s Mood Sours — 16% Satisfied, 39% Approve of Trump


  • President Trump’s job approval rating is 39%, down from 43% in November
  • Approval of Joe Biden’s transition is 65%; higher than Trump’s in 2016
  • Economic Confidence Index reverses trend and drops 15 points to -16

It’s a real downer of a report, generally, though Biden offers some glimmers of hope. When Prznint Stupid gave his inaugural address as American Carnage it was a promise of things to come.

When this era is all over and done, when we remember Prznint Stupid (if we must), it will be for all the misery and corruption. Historians will probably put him in a class by himself for appeasing our enemies, and his incompetent response to the Trump-Virus that has killed more Americans than any other cause this year (and historically more than any war we’ve been in since the Civil War).

It’s not just you or me; it’s pretty nearly all of us, and the Gallup write-up is totally worth a read.

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  1. Czippie L'Shimp says:

    When I think back on his tenure, I will recognize it as the time when I learned that I was capable of actual, visceral hate. I’ve lived more than 60 years without that in my life, but sadly, it is now a fixture.

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