Possum Hollar Should Love Socialism

Possum Hollar Says No to socilism!

Axios morning email thingie brings us some useful data:

President-elect Biden won just over 500 counties, encompassing 71% of America’s economic activity. President Trump won more many more counties — more than 2,500 — but they represent just 29% of the economy, the Brookings Metropolitan Policy Program calculates.

Why it matters: The nation’s economic geography is getting even more rigidly divided, Brookings Metro writes.

  • “Biden captured virtually all of the counties with the biggest economies in the country (depicted by the largest blue tiles in the … graphic), including flipping the few that Clinton did not win in 2016.”

It’s pretty much what we already know, the Blue states subsidize the Red states, so when Possum Hollar says that they don’t want their tax dollars to help the Blahs (H/T Rick Santorum who oddly would not say Blacks) in them thar librul states/cities, in reality the Blue states (and the Blahs) are subsidising them.

Go ahead, Hooterville: secede.


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2 Responses to Possum Hollar Should Love Socialism

  1. You KNOW the ONLY takeaway Possum Hollar will glean from that is that LDN musta won 5 times more votes than Sleepy Joe, who couldn’t even get ONE boat rally to his name! FRAUDD!!!!!

    It’s the ‘vast sea of red [land not people]’ map Idiot Amin loved to show people…

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  2. Also Axios January 21:

    “President Biden needs to pick all republicans from the Real Americanins living in the vast red part of the country to be his cabinet, and immediately disavow any and all contact with Democrat politicians from the handful of “urban”, “Not Really American” counties he won.”

    Because degenerate gamblers gotta horserace.

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