Merry Whatevs

Scissorhead Purplehead sends us this cheery yule log and it seems appropriate for this dumpster-fire* year.

MPS wishes you the best of times, Scissorheads. Please know that each of you is a special gift and you make the season bright here at ‘Grain’s Little Hut. You are the funniest, smartest and —hot damn!— best looking spitballers on the internets. And seriously, you are a lifeline for what remains of my sanity. I’m so grateful for each of you. Thanks!

H/T Scissorhead Skinny-D

And so we finally corrupted the Elf on the Shelf, so have yerselfs (is too a wird!)  a merry little whatevs. We’ll see you after you’ve unwrapped your package, too. Also.

*Hat tip: Driftglass

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27 Responses to Merry Whatevs

  1. spotthedog says:

    Tengrain, thank you for what you do here, this has become my favorite internet hangout. I am continually enlightened and entertained by others’ comments, I think you are all awesome!

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  2. What spotthedog said! Y’all are a soothing cool oasis of sanity in giant desert of dumpth and craziness.

    In the words of the great philosopher J. Buffett:

    If we weren’t all crazy we would go insane

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  3. artahzen says:

    Merry Christmas, Ten Grain. Thank you for all you do here and all you let us do here too. In the words of Joe Walsh “They say I’m crazy but I have a good time.”

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  4. skinnydennis says:

    Never miss a day here. (many times a day)

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  5. Dennis Cole says:

    I feel honored to be a spitballer, and allowed to holler.

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  6. Dennis Cole says:

    Merry Xmas to all, and to all a good night!

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  7. retiredeng says:

    What sanity I have left is due to you guys. Merry Christmas and especially this Happy New Year.

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  8. ali redford says:

    Merry Christmas to all here! Thank you Tengrain, and all, for helping me keep my sanity, too. Whew. Meanwhile, here’s to lots of tiny joys through your days, to all of you.

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  9. Rocky D says:

    Back at ya! Wishing & hoping for much better days ahead.

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  10. donnah says:

    I was hoping you’d have a post where we could say thank you and wish you a Merry Christmas! I also visit here several times a day because you all “get me” and we seem to share that universal feeling that no matter how terrible things get, we can all hang out and reassure one another.

    Ten Grain, you’re the master of knowing what to say, when to say it, and how to frame current events with humor and insight. The humor keeps us going, the insights give us food for thought. Thanks for being here and doing what you do, day after day. We appreciate you!

    Merry Christmas, all of you! Hugs from Donna and hopes for a better New Year!

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  11. Lsamsa says:

    Merry Whatevs to you Tengrain! MPS is my favourite ‘spot on the dial’!
    Be safe & well you all.

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  12. moeman says:

    Thanks SanTG and all the ScissorElves for making this place feel like Xmas every day.
    Peace and love from 🇨🇦 .

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  13. purplehead says:

    What everyone says ⬆︎! This is my favorite place in the ether. TG is the best. Spitballers are the best. All so smart and funny and empathic. MPS also has the absolute best graphics and gifs, so damn funny. Every time I come here I laugh at something someone said. What better balm is there than that? Thank ewe all! And happy whatev’. 2020 is almost over…

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  14. julesmomcat says:

    TG, and all you fellow Scissorheads – you all help, daily, to counterbalance the treason and insanity that is the GOP’s total mess. Keep up the good work, have a wonderful holiday season, and please continue being the greatest patriots this democracy needs.

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  15. Sirius Lunacy says:

    Merry Christmas to all and to 2020 Good Riddance!
    Allow me to add my thanks Tengrain. You do good work here.
    And in the words of Billy Joel:
    You may be right, I may be crazy
    But it just might be a LUNAtic you’re looking for

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  16. Sirius Lunacy says:

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  17. Steve-O says:

    You have a good one, TG. You deserve it as you do the good work. Helps me maintain my sanity, at least, I owe you for it.
    Now off to a day of pounding coffee, whiskey, and a 70s biker movie marathon while the brisket cooks. The way God (Lemmy) intended.
    As for the rest you… Y’all are good peoples too.

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  18. Redhand says:

    And seriously, you are a lifeline for what remains of my sanity. I’m so grateful for each of you.

    I say the same to Tengrain and all of you! This is one of my top two blogs — the other is The Rectification of Names” — and without you, Kindred Spirits, I think I would have lost my mind to despair over our Country. I wish all of us, of whatever Faith or Stripe (or not!) Happy Holidays and the hope that 2021 will bring a world better than this year.

    We are a community, to be sure, and one I treasure.

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  19. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    Merry Christmas, old chum!

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  20. purplehead says:

    I have often wished that TG and all the Scissorheads could have a convergence of our own somewhere in real space. Oh that would be such a hoot, to meet everyone face to face! I bet we all smell like lavender and black pepper and vanilla and oranges and honeysuckle and lilacs and cinnamon and lemon zest and roasted hazelnuts and yeasty bread and sage violets and pale evening primrose and night-blooming cereus and cayenne peppers and huckleberry pie. 💐✨ ☄️☀️⚡️🌈 Laughter would ring out! The raging TrumpVirus has put the kibosh on that. It would be in zoom-space, I suppose, a real pity.

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  21. Bruce388 says:

    MPS has been one of my bookmarks for 14 years (I think it’s 14. Can it really be that long?)
    From the days of Chimpy McStagger, Grandpa Walnuts, Mooselini, Obama (dressing on the side), Lord Damp Nut, and now Handsome Joe.

    MPS has been go-to from my days in New Jersey, to eight years in the wilds of New Mexico, and now to the Terrible Sand Kingdom of Arizonastan (now with TWO Dem senators!)

    MPS is a hell of a ride and brighter days are coming.

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  22. FELINE MAMA says:

    Everything, everyone has said 100 times!!
    “Midday Palate Cleanser” rules !!
    Scissorheads are the bestest family EVAH!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks much. Stay Healthy & Safe, TG And Everyone !!!!!!!

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  23. Weird Dave says:

    Merry Christmas (or in my case Happy Solstice) to all and thanks to all for helping to preserve my belief in the goodness of people (something that gets sorely pressed at times).

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  24. MDavis says:

    As long as we’re wrapping presents, it isn’t an elf, but…

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    • glitterbug says:

      TG, thanks for that video and everything you do.

      Back in the dark ages, NYC independent channel 11 would broadcast the “Yule Log” burning for several hours Christmas Eve. (and playing ancient Christmas music)

      It was a virtual fireplace, before that was even a word, for all those city folk (and us suburbians) who didn’t have one.

      Had a blast this AM watching with baby sister, our 1st Xmas alone together since Mom passed in March.

      And the ending just nails it.

      Thanks again!


    • julesmomcat says:

      Stonekettle Wright IS the star!!!

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