It’s a Q-Spriracy, I Tells Ya!

Lord Damp Nut is meeting with the Q-Spiracy to find a way forward:

“…With Trump’s days in office dwindling, QAnon influencers have become increasingly restless and militant, urging him to #crosstherubicon, a reference to Julius Caesar’s crossing the Rubicon river after the Roman Senate explicitly told him not to, effectively kick-starting the Roman civil war and Caesar’s dictatorship.

“Arizona Republican Party Chairwoman Kelli Ward tweeted the hashtag Sunday.”

Could this hashtag, you know, be a coinkydink?

The “Rubicon” hashtag wasn’t new to QAnon followers, who have repeatedly tweeted the phrase in the last week. But the hashtag had minimal success last week until Ron Watkins, who previously ran the message board and QAnon hub 8kun, posted a series of viral tweets Thursday and Friday about Caesar and crossing the Rubicon.

“Will@realDonaldTrump #CrossTheRubicon? Spread the hashtag and show POTUS how you feel about it,” Watkins wrote. The tweet got more than 27,000 retweets.

General Flynn and the Kraken lady make an appearance, too. I knew Flynn had taken the Q-Oaf, er, oath on his twisted route to a pardon, but I had not made the connection to him urging Marial Law as a Q-Spiracist.

It’s a rambling story, as is the entire Q-Spiracy, but the bottom line is that along with believing that baby-eating Satanists are running the Democratic Party, and that there is a land-war with China on-going in these United States (in Maine, mostly, with the Chinese tanks invading from Canada, who surely must be in on it…), and, and, and… MARTIAL LAW!!1!

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7 Responses to It’s a Q-Spriracy, I Tells Ya!

  1. sos says:


    the Quacks are shirley angeling for MARSHALL LAW !!1!

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  2. julesmomcat says:

    Never thought I’d see the lunatic fringe move so much closer to the middle.

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  3. Weird Dave says:

    Had not heard the Chicomms had invaded Maine. That changes everything

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    • Dennis Cole says:

      Dave – while the Chicomm troops were amassing in Canada, right across the border, they were sending boatloads of ballots into Maine, to ensure Biden’s “illegal win.”
      Once the results were finally announced, and it was clear that Joe had won, they sprung into action, and snuck across the border in the middle of the night, leaving no trace of their presence behind. (The mark of true, professional soldiers.)

      By now, they have surely infiltrated, and insinuated themselves into every corner of America, and it’s what gave tRump the assurance that the computer-hack horror story had its origins in China.

      Don’t you follow the Newz?

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  4. Had not heard the Chicomms had invaded Maine

    [Obi-wan voice] “Now there’s a name I haven’t heard in a long time”[/owv]

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  5. Sirius Lunacy says:

    Don’t make the rubes you con cross!

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  6. roket says:

    Cross your Rubicon keep on going and never look back, please.

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