News That Will Drive You To Drink

Happy Hour News

Bill Barr Blows

Time for the ol’ cheese sandwich and roadmap as Bill Barr is now officially You’re Fired’ed:

“RELEASE THE KRAKEN,”  Barr did not shout over his shoulder as he sprinted across the lawn. “That’ll get ’em.”

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10 Responses to News That Will Drive You To Drink

  1. julesmomcat says:

    Good riddance!

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  2. Dennis Cole says:

    Hugh Jønnёr, that world-famous Swedish comedian, is mightily relieved that he won’t have to file suit against Bully Billy, or the entire US DoJ, for defamations, implications, or defenestrations, due to the blatant misuse of his name, as has happened way too often in the past.

    Instead, he has dutifully reported a gross misuse, and thereby a severe libelation, in this missive, to his good friend, Gray DᲒnner, who is in no way related to the Donners of Lake Tahoe fame.

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  3. E.A. Blair says:

    Either William Barr or a bagpipe by themselves are barely tolerable; in combination, they’re lethal!

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  4. donnah says:

    Barr climbed the Trump ladder of power as high as he thought it could take him. He abused his position as AG and did as he was directed by Trump to cover his ample ass, and then made haste to make an escape. He’s made a few last minute jabs at Trump, sort of a nyah nyah gesture, but he’ll never wash away the crap he’s wearing. He’s permanently stained, and he should never work again.

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  5. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    Release the kraken already, it’s just about time for the Christmas Eve seafood feast.


  6. Redhand says:

    The best part of his statement is his comment that the “men and women of this Department . . . upheld the rule of law.” Too bad he can’t say that about himself.


    • Bruce388 says:

      “men and women of this Department . . . upheld the rule of law.” “In spite of my best efforts at obstruction,” Low Barr did not add.


  7. Ten Bears says:

    Sprint? Across the lawn? Heh. Heh heh. Heh heh BWAHAHahahahahah.


    • tengrain says:

      Ten Bears –

      I was going to put one of those stills of Basset Hounds running as the dramatic re-enactment, but the last time I did that I got a lot of flack from lovers of that noble breed.

      I also thought about the giant bubble thingie from “The Prisoner” but it seems obscure (though I still have nightmares featuring it).




  8. Bill Barr left the Office 30 years ago with deep respect for LDN???


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