America Shocked: Elites are Elite At Stanford

I’m shocked.

That nice little elitist finishing school on the SF Peninsula is in the news – from the MIT morning newsletter thingie:

What happened: Physicians at Stanford Medical Center—many of whom work on the frontlines of the pandemic—found out that only seven of over 1,300 of them had been prioritized for the first 5,000 doses of the covid-19 vaccine, they were shocked. Then when they saw that people working from home were on the list, they were angry. Hospital leadership apologized for not prioritizing them, and blamed the errors on “a very complex algorithm.”

And that’s a bold distracting statement, designed to shift blame from a bureaucrat to an abstraction! Someone had to write it, and if you can write a recipe, you can write an algorithm.

But I digest, do continue

Hmm: Many saw that as an excuse, especially since hospital leadership hadbeen made aware of the problem on December 15, and responded not by fixing the algorithm, but by adding two more resident names for a total of seven. Experts pointed out that people made these decisions. The algorithm just carried out their will.

So what really happened? The algorithm is not that complex. It considers three categories to do with age, job role, and guidelines from the California Department of Public Health. For each category, staff received a certain number of points. Presumably, the higher someone’s score, the higher their priority in line. What these factors do not take into account is exposure to patients with covid-19. Read the full story.

I don’t know why anyone would be surprised that a university —with undergraduate tuition of $54K/year— that houses the Hoover Institute would be shocked that they give elites cuts in line ahead of the little people.

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8 Responses to America Shocked: Elites are Elite At Stanford

  1. Let me guess, the “Infectious Disease Expert” involved in developing the algorithm was Dr. Scott Atlas, right?

    (And as most of us know the proof of the pudding is not in the algorithm but the execution of it…)

    Oddly enough, most places seem to have managed to allocate it approriately without detailed algorithms designed by ‘’.


  2. lofgren says:

    The algorithm probably doesn’t take into account contact with actual COVID patients because whoever was administering the algorithm was expected to know that people working from home shouldn’t even be on the list.


    • lofgren says:

      I’m guessing the algorithm also does not specify that the vaccine should be given to living people first, either, nor that humans should come before pigeons.


  3. Dennis Cole says:

    Hey, no fair! “Dr” Jill Biden was at the top of the list among her circle of peers, and she’s not even the kind of Dr that can apply a bandaid to a boo-boo, and she’s an elitist, with her fancy-schmancy Phd.* How convenient she’s married to the preznit-elect.

    *(Which just means her BS is Piled Higher and Deeper)


  4. LouisRenault says:

    I’m shocked!


  5. Jado says:

    Prolonged exposure to THOSE TYPES of people was considered a negative in the algorithm, which is why the front line people were all shoved to the back


  6. Ten Bears says:

    Overpriced daycare center.


    • Dennis Cole says:

      Don’t forget their southern counterparts, in the same great state of CA:
      The University of Spoiled Children and the University of Clean-Living Anglos


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