The Sunday Palate Cleanser


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5 Responses to The Sunday Palate Cleanser

  1. julesmomcat says:

    “‘They’re movin’, but they ain’t gettin’ me – YET! My aura must be stronger than I thought.”

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  2. Bruce388 says:

    Flattening the ears is a nice touch.

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  3. Mary Ellen Sandahl says:

    Years ago, we had a wonderful cat who was my sister’s special baby – a big, rangy, almost-tuxedo girl with a very active imagination and the soul of a sensitive Edwardian gentlewoman. in those pre-wifi days my sis had her computer and printer in her room, where Ratty (that was the short form of the kitteh’s name) naturally hung out a good deal. She never could reconcile herself to the printer suddenly starting to print and eject paper all by itself! How could that be! What did it mean? What was that thing’s agenda??

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