Santa Is Coming To Town (Thanks Dr. Fauci!)

H/T Scissorhead Dennis Cole

I love this:

Do yourself a favor, and do NOT read the comments/replies. Kill joys, anti-vaxxers, and Red Hats are having a field day.

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4 Responses to Santa Is Coming To Town (Thanks Dr. Fauci!)

  1. spotthedog says:

    Yeah, those commenters you refer to cannot tolerate a decent, caring, empathetic person.

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  2. MDavis says:

    Yeah, Tengrain, there are definitely issues with comprehension and understanding cause and effect amoung the red hats and Magats. No wonder they like LDN.

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  3. roket says:

    Those commenters are the same people who DEMAND that you say Merry Christmas.

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  4. Bruce388 says:

    And Liddle Marco slithered in ahead of Santa. Bastid. Marco would have been throwing women and children out of the Titanic’s lifeboats.

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