Michael Cohen Makes Predictions

Touched By An Angel, or at least a Fed.

Vanity Fair’s Inside The Hive podcast had Michael Cohen on as the guest last night, and it is a fascinating interview. Remember, Cohen has been pretty accurately predicting what Prznint Stupid would do each step of the way (a year ago he said that LDN would not concede if he lost), and his predictions on this show scan really well, and some of ’em even match up with what we’ve been spitballing.

Highly recommended. (Available where’er you find podcasts, you don’t have to listen on VF’s pay-walled (is too a virb) website.

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7 Responses to Michael Cohen Makes Predictions

  1. Sigh. I do wish these podcasts would publish transcripts.

    1) I can read far faster than I can listen to people talk
    2) I’m hard of hearing, so I’d rather read than listen to people talk.

    I have the same objection to all these How To things on youtube. WRITE IT DOWN and SHOW ME PLANS AND PICTURES. I do not care for your endless dramatic reveal of the chair you’re allegedly teaching me how to build…

    I am not a crank.

    Get off my lawn.

    Yes, I know this is an Arby’s….

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    • ali redford says:

      I’m with you almost 100% on transcripts. I’m not hard of hearing, but normally am short of time, and prefer to read rather than watch or listen. (Yes, I did a brief Evelyn Wood class in elementary school, but didn’t have to finish because I tested out early. Reading has always been my go-to, though I still need to learn Braille just in case.)
      That being said, I have produced court transcripts for a living. 😀
      Maybe I’ll pull this one up while I’m running, though.


    • MDavis says:

      Partial hard of hearing and partially I hear what people did not say, according to other people. It does make some things more interesting, but it doesn’t tell me what they were supposed to have said.


      • partially I hear what people did not say, according to other people.

        Human have always been good at interpolating meaning from incomplete data; this is a very common issue with the hard-of-hearing.

        Sadly they’re hugely expensive as a rule, but modern hearing aids have amazing capabilities of sound massaging, making it easier to understand people. If you have insurance that covers (or at least helps cover), I’d definitely reccomend getting checked out by a hearing professional and thinking about hearing aids. They make a hella difference.

        I’ve been quite seriously hard of hearing all my life and am very lucky my insurance includes generous HA coverage. We (Mrs BDR has her own hearing issues) can get a new just-under-top-of-the-line one every couple of years.

        Our HA provider also takes in our old ones , reconditions them and gets them into the hands, err, ears of people who cannot affird them.


  2. purplehead says:

    That was an interesting interview. Thanks for linking to it. Cohen was completely believable. I bet his auguries will come to pass, too. He’s been right, so far, and does appear to know the interior of the scary mind of Trump. He noted what a frightening place it is to be in that head.

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    • tengrain says:

      I listened to Inside the Hive right after listening to the Professional Left podcast.

      And I was bolt upright into the wee hours of the morning.

      It’s a marvel I sleep at all.


      • purplehead says:

        Yah, I listen to ProLeft Podcast for breakfast every Saturday morning. I save it for then. So I start off the weekend—if by weekend in the Pandaemic Era, one means Saturday and Sunday—with a clear head and shaking angst.


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