Bad Signs, Cont.

H/T Scissorhead Ralph Wiggam

Well, there goes my plans for the day.

(Weirdly specific, the sign is —according to Wiggam— Near Carcross, Yukon , Canada. Speculate wildly in the comments)

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  1. I was thinking that 1.62 km is probably a mile, but NO! A mile is 1.61 km. Why on earth would this sign (and the underlying law or regulation) be that specific when it’s not equivalent to a familiar distance?

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    • Oneofthebobs says:

      When Canada converted to metric, (and we didn’t) they probaby measured the distance, rather than converting mathematically. 1 percent of a kilometer seems like an acceptable margin of error for weird rules, to me. 🙂

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      • E.A. Blair says:

        The US congress actually passed a bill officially adopting the metric system as the official standard of measure sometime around 1867, but it was never implemented. Not using metric is a distinction the US shares with those bastions of scientific achievement, Liberia and Myanmar.


    • MDavis says:

      My wild speculation is that there is a fence or a property line 1.62 km from the south end of railroad bridge. But rounding errors sounds good, too.


  2. Lsamsa says:

    I somehow don’t think too many will be paying any mind to that sign, nor breaking out the map & the calculator.

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  3. Dennis Cole says:

    If I have an RV, and close all the curtains so that the world can’t see in,
    can I do some private drinking?

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  4. revzafod says:

    Wanna see the choo choo? Try one of my favorite movies, Track 29.


  5. donnah says:

    Sounds like they lost a lot of drunks off that south railroad bridge.


  6. IbnBob says:

    My memory from high school 50 years ago was thar metric education concentrated on conversion to/from metric rather than actual use, and largely consisted of memorizing lotsa arbitrary multiple digit might-as-well-be-random numbers. pretty average US education.


  7. leftcoastgary says:

    When I drink alone I prefer to be by myself


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