One Lump of Stupid or Two?

Today’s morning stupid is brought to us by the stupid people of Kansastan:

“On Tuesday, Dec. 15, Dodge City Mayor Joyce Warshaw officially resigned from her position effective immediately…

“…Warshaw’s heavy decision was made with concerns for her safety after being met with aggression, including threats via phone and email from Dodge City citizens, following extreme backlash due to an article by USA Today published on Dec. 11, regarding the mask mandate.

“Warshaw is quoted in the article as saying, “We just felt like we had to do something so everybody was aware of how important it was for everybody to be responsible for each other’s health and well-being.”

Well, get outta Dodge, we cannot have that!


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5 Responses to One Lump of Stupid or Two?

  1. Todays newspaper has this heartbreaking story outta the “Heartland”

    One thing I disagree with here:

    The backlash has moved beyond the angry fringe. In the courts, public health powers are being undermined. Lawmakers in at least 24 states have crafted legislation to weaken public health powers, which could make it more difficult for communities to respond to other health emergencies in the future.

    Nope, it just means the “angry fringe” has power….

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    • purplehead says:

      I just read that AP article and was going to link to it here. It’s so discouraging and depressing. I don’t ever see this country recovering from the pandemic of stupid and proud ignorance. It’s all been too long in the making to go away. Did you notice the reference to American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)?

      Now, opponents of those measures are turning to legislatures and even the Supreme Court to strip public officials of those powers, defund local health departments or even dissolve them. The American Legislative Exchange Council, a corporate-backed group of conservative lawmakers, has published model legislation for states to follow.

      Running out of “Fuck these fucking fuckers.”

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  2. Spocko says:

    I’ve been wanting to write an article about this tilted “Threatening Death Succeeds In Making Actual Deaths Happen!” Or something like that. I suck at headlines.
    But my point is that people who threaten people for mask mandates are successful and that means that more people will actually die.

    If there is some anger directed at people it should be the ones who aren’t wearing masks.
    The people who made those threats should be found, arrested, prosecuted, tried and convicted and serve an appropriate amount of time in jail.

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