Get The Hence!

The Blogger At Work!

Guys, Infidel753 has done it again! He’s scoured the blogs, the tumblrs, the YouTubes, well, every nook and cranny of the internets to present his Sunday links post and you’re still here? For shame! Show some respect and get thee hence!

Uh-oh, I forgot it again: Scottie’s ToyBox has the round-up of funny and insightful political cartoons!

Our pal Burt Deming has a great round-up of links, too, over at Fair and Unbalanced.

And the daily Mike’s Blog Round-up at Crooks and Liars is NEVER to be missed! Our pal Infidel753 is the host today, too!

[As is our tradition, this post is glued on top today. Fresher posts —if any!— will be below.

The Management


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