The Paper Shredding Portion of the Trump Administration Has Begun


According to Dr. Charlotte Kent, a senior official at the Center for Disease Control (in actual congressional testimony, so under oath), CDC Director Robert Redfield ordered the staff to delete an email from Paul Alexander. Alexander was the science advisor to Health and Human Services spokesperson Michael Caputo (who is currently on some sort of leave of absence and I guess now we know why), and the email was about altering a report on the Trump-Virus’s risk to children.  The goal of the email was to change the facts to match-up with Prznint Stupid’s lies.

As pathetic as it is, destroying documents is a federal crime.

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4 Responses to The Paper Shredding Portion of the Trump Administration Has Begun

  1. destroying documents is a federal crime.

    And in related news, the pardon process continues apace…here’s today’s stack!

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  2. spotthedog says:

    So Maganinny busily shredding blank pages?

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  4. Karla says:

    I work for a small company (< 30) which provides financial advice, and so under SEC jurisdiction. Users can delete emails from their mailbox, but all are background-held in perpetuity, in case we’re ever audited.
    If we can figure that out (office 365, starting in 2013), I would think that the federal gov’t would have done that as long ago. Government emails should be held forever, no matter what an individual user does.


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