Politico Both Sides Us Again

God, they are so pathetic:

‘Get off our damn asses’: Stimulus debacle exposes broken Washington

Congressional leaders are barely talking. Renegade centrists are trying to cut a deal that Republicans don’t like. And the president is predominantly focused on overturning an election that he lost.

It’s the latest evidence Washington is broken: at the peak of the worst public health crisis in a century, the White House and Congress are struggling to deliver another round of relief. And time in the lame duck is quickly running out.

Even in your lede, Tiger Beat, you don’t mention anything about the Democrats, and yet, Washington is broken.

What is broken is the GOP and our political press.

Get it together, Politico, you’re embarrassing yourself.

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5 Responses to Politico Both Sides Us Again

  1. But, but, but if Politico cannot horserace this, why would they exist? Gotta maintain the fiction that bothsides are equally to blame…like when the future purges happen they’ll complain that Democrats are not willing to compromise by voluntarily lining up for the gas chambers…

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  2. Politico might also want to consider that inconvenient people like them are next in line for the camps…authoritarian regimes don’t have much use for “journalists” even obsequious ones like the quislings at Politico

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  3. lofgren says:

    Democrats and a handful of non-sociopaths are struggling to deliver another round of relief. Republicans are what they are struggling against. Yeah I know I’m just repeating in the comments what the blogger said above, but it can’t be said enough.

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  4. MDavis says:

    Go in far enough and you’ll see McConnell called out as looking like he wants to go home with nothing done. But the next paragraph calls McConnell’s “no liability for Tyson businesses” a “liability reform”
    Who are these Politico people and why do they have a spinning Bill Cipher token in an ad at the bottom of the article?

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