Meanwhile, In South Dakota

You may recall that SD Gov. Kristi Noem famously encouraged the Sturgis biker thingie to go on during the Pandemic and turned her state into a Trump-Virus tourism attraction. To this day, she still refuses to do any sort of executive order in her state to, you  know, SAVE LIVES.

S.D. lawmaker diagnosed with COVID-19 after attending dinner at Gov. Noem’s mansion

A South Dakota lawmaker who earlier this week visited Gov. Kristi Noem’s mansion and attended her budget address in Pierre has tested positive for COVID-19.

Sen. Helene Duhamel, R-Rapid City, alerted Senate majority leadership Wednesday that she had fallen ill and tested positive with coronavirus since returning home from the capitol where she and other legislators met the day prior.

“When I learned (this morning) about the positive test — which was this morning — I asked the senator for permission to notify senators that were in Pierre yesterday,” said Lee Schoenbeck, the Watertown Republican serving as President Pro Tempore in the Senate.


Related:  The WaPo tells us about the city of Mitchell SD, one of many red-state Possum Hollars where residents blindly followed GOP leaders in not taking the Trump-Virus seriously until people started dying—and where a group of Trum-Virus Truthers continue to vehemently oppose a local mask mandate. It’s a really good read, here’s a taste:

“…Then people started dying. The wife of the former bank president. A state legislator. The guy whose family has owned the bike shop since 1959. Then Timmins, a mild-spoken 72-year-old who had worked with hundreds of local kids during six decades as a Little League and high school coach and referee.

“His death shook Mitchell just as its leaders were contemplating something previously denounced and dismissed: a requirement that its staunchly conservative residents wear masks.

“As Wellsandt-Zell led those mourning Timmins in the hymn “Jesus Loves Me,” the rumble of an approaching helicopter cut through the sound of the singing and the mourners’ soft tears. In Mitchell, the medical emergency helicopter, once a rare occurrence, now comes nearly every day, ferrying the growing number of people desperately ill with COVID-19 to a hospital that might be able to save them.

“Sirens echoing through the empty streets of New York marked the pandemic’s first phase. Swirling blades of helicopters on the American plains is the soundtrack of a deadly fall.

“Oh, my God, here we go again, Wellsandt-Zell thought. Another one…”

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14 Responses to Meanwhile, In South Dakota

  1. sos says:

    Some fools gotta be hit upside the head much harder than other fools.


  2. spotthedog says:

    Ah, there they go, foolishly getting themselves tested, again!


  3. The story about Mitchell SD is enragingly heartbreaking. These people are literally killing themselves and their “loved” ones rather than change their minds.


    • ming says:

      You can always tell a mid westerner, but you can tell them much.

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    • Diane says:

      I read a few paragraphs and quit in disgust. They equate the temporary inconvenience of wearing a mask in public during a pandemic with their loss of their freedoms? WTF? These people remind me of the coal miners who refuse government provided education to retrain for new jobs even though they’re laid off and the mines are closing. Fck them. Let them die.


      • ming says:

        As a ruralite, I appreciate the sense of encroachment that many of these people feel from any number of sources, but come on, masks are the issue for their last stand? It’s stupid, selfish, and pathetic.

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  4. laura says:

    It’s a cult. It’s that simple. How you deprogram millions is a question that I sure can’t answer.


  5. buckobear says:

    I live here (SD). We’d elect a bag of nails if it had an “R” after its name on the ballot.
    Here’s what we’re dealing with:

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  6. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    I’ve actually been in Mitchell, while road tripping with college roommates in 1993, we stopped in town to see their famous Corn Palace.


  7. Buttermilk Sky says:

    This will break your heart: George McGovern grew up in Mitchell.
    What the hell happened?


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