Sen. Perdue Gives Master Class In Corruption

Grifters Gotta Grift

“The bribe must be this big.”

You really cannot make up merde like this:

Sen. David Perdue Sold His Home to a Finance Industry Official Whose Organization Was Lobbying the Senate

Sen. David Perdue, R-Ga., sold his Washington, D.C., home last year to a brokerage industry official whose organization is under the purview of a committee Perdue sits on.

“The deal was made off market, without the home being listed for sale publicly.

“Though an appraisal provided to ProPublica by the buyer found that Perdue sold for slightly under market value, four local real estate experts disagreed, telling ProPublica that the almost $1.8 million sale price Perdue garnered seemed high. Their estimates of the premium ranged from a few thousand dollars to as much as about $140,000. A fifth expert said the price was squarely fair market value.

“Ultimately, congressional ethics experts said, their concern was that Perdue sold privately and to someone whose organization that he oversaw as a senator.”

Everything is transactional with this Perdue. He probably tries to shake down the assistant manager at the Micky-D when buying a burger.

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  1. ABC Always Be Grifting


  2. Czippie L'Shimp says:

    And, since it was an “off market” sale, there were no real estate agents to suck up that additional 6% that they get for…? So, drop an extra $108k into his pocket.

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