Who’s Got The Trump-Virus Now?

Claim Chowder

Axios Alert:

President Trump’s lawyer Jenna Ellis has informed associates she tested positive for the coronavirus, multiple sources tell Axios, stirring West Wing fears after she attended a senior staff Christmas party on Friday.

Driving the news: There are concerns about the potential for another White House superspreader event, though it was unclear whether Ellis posed a risk when she attended. Ellis declined to confirm the diagnosis to Axios.

  • “People brought their families,” said one senior White House official who attended the party and has since been informed of Ellis’ diagnosis.
  • The revelation follows Sunday’s news that Ellis’ legal sidekick Rudy Giuliani was hospitalized after testing positive.

But wait! there’s MORE:

Behind the scenes: Ellis showed up to the White House senior staff party in the East Wing on Friday as the guest of Trump trade adviser Peter Navarro and was not seen wearing a mask, according to sources who attended the indoor event.

  • “She had the nerve to show up at the senior staff Christmas party knowing everyone was furious with her for constantly stirring Trump up with nonsense,” said a senior administration official.
  • Ellis and Giuliani have fanned conspiracy theories about Trump’s loss to Joe Biden as they have sought to keep alive legal challenges or avenues to overturn the election’s results.
  • The official said the news of her diagnosis after attending the party compounded this anger.

So she’s as good a colleague as she is an attorney?

The bottom line: When I gave Ellis visibility of my reporting on Monday night — that she had tested positive and that some senior staff weren’t happy — she replied that it was “rude” to text her after midnight, adding, “You must be more informed than me because I haven’t heard that.”

  • Three senior White House officials told Axios they had been informed of Ellis’ diagnosis.
  • I followed up by asking Ellis repeatedly whether she wanted to deny our reporting that she has COVID and had informed the White House of this fact. Ellis did not reply.
  • Navarro did not respond to a request for comment.

We noted earlier that the GOP was moving ahead with dangerous holiday party plans, but I was not expecting Claim Chowder so soon.

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11 Responses to Who’s Got The Trump-Virus Now?

  1. sos says:

    Didn’t Rudy cropdust Jenna in Michigan? She of the side-eye…

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  2. spotthedog says:

    Yes, she was right there in the fallout zone as I recall.

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  3. laura says:

    “People brought their families,” Those people are morons. It’s getting harder to wish those people well. FFS, were in a pandemic with and exponential daily tally of the ill and dead and an all to large percentage are willfully going about their business insisting they can will away an unpleasant reality while shedding virus on all who cross paths with them.
    The tribe who rubs shit in their hair gonna be the death of us. (Hat tip to Driftglass)

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  4. roket says:

    What are the odds that she knowingly spread the virus amongst the senior staff? Revenge will be their final solution, probably.

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  5. Dennis Cole says:

    Maybe I’m not sad so much as disheartened – and I probly shouldn’t feel that way – but very few of them are likely to die, coz they have full access to the absolute very best medical care that money can buy, while the majority of us will end up with huge hospital bills, if we survive. And as the ICU beds fill up, the doctors and nurses are experiencing undue levels of fatigue and burnout, and more than just a handful have contracted it and died, leaving fewer on the front lines to care for the rest of us.

    And what’s infuriating is that it didn’t have to be this way, at all.

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  6. beckymaenot says:

    They are all so fucking awful.


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