“Blow is just an expression,” Mel didn’t say.

Rejoice, Scissorheads, the long national nightmare is over! Mel can put on her tennis togs again!

Sure, food banks are distributing 60 percent more food to millions of first-time users, and nearly 12 million Americans will head into the new year over $5000 behind on rent, but you can count on Mel to cheer us up with what really matters.

(Imma old enough to remember when Republicans lost their merde when Obama wanted to put in a basketball court, you know, while being black.)

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5 Responses to Priorities!

  1. Martin Pollard says:

    Anyone else notice that the design of the pavilion is almost exactly the same as the one next to the “cee-ment pond” in The Beverly Hillbillies? The First Whore simply can’t quit plagiarizing.

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