News That Will Drive You To Drink

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Hair Füror’s incompetence is eff’ing deadly:

“Trump administration officials passed when Pfizer offered in late summer to sell the U.S. government additional doses of its Covid-19 vaccine.

“Now Pfizer may not be able provide more of its vaccine to the United States until next June because of its commitments to other countries.”

In the late summer, he didn’t know he was gonna lose, so he would have been left holding the body bag for more Americans. Now, his incompetence is going to be President-Elect Handsome Joe Biden’s to resolve.

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11 Responses to News That Will Drive You To Drink

  1. I wonder if Geraldo still wants to name the vaccine after him.


  2. Dennis Cole says:

    They WANT us all to die, as payback for not reelecting Dump.

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    • Czippie L'Shimp says:

      Worth it.

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    • Dennis Cole says:

      Back then, in June sometime, when they asked Jared how many doses he thought the US would need, he told them 35 or 40 million should be plenty, that they were SURE it was going away on its own. So you can all make your own guesses about who’s going to get those first doses, but I can say with certainty that it ain’t gonna be you or me, brudda. And sista.

      And still no word on Moderna’s vaccine, maybe in the Spring, they’re hinting, but wide-spread inoculations probly won’t begin until April, and no one’s produced a solid plan for who is going to foot the bill, or how it will be distributed, beyond the two Big Pharmacy outlets, CVS and Walgreen’s, stocking up on containers that will safely hold the vaccine at the proper temperature. And they have both indicated that so far, it looks like they’ll be charging Medicare around $40 Ameros, for the 2-stage vax, and even though tRump has claimed it’s gonna be free for everybody, I haven’t seen any solid evidence of this administration doing that.

      Howsomever! The race is still on, because the demand is so great, and the rewards so lucrative, that until the end of next year, or even not until 2022, will we finally see some herd immunity-type results, so we’ll eventually be awash in vaccines.

      Those of us who are still alive, that is….


  3. Dennis Cole says:

    PS – I got an email from Kaiser today explaining their roll-out “Timetable.” It said that due to my age, and my position in an extremely high-risk group, that I would be considered for round 2, since there was barely going to be enough allocated to them for their doctors, and nurses, and the most in-demand/high-risk techs, and NAs and MAs in the first dispersal. My county may not even get enough doses to vaccinate the critical first responders, like police, EMTs, firefighters, etc. But if I’m still alive, I’m going to decline, figuring it ought to go to someone younger, because even if I’m not considered really elderly at 66, I’ve had to endure Chronic Pain for a third of my life, and I have so many other health problems, that it’s starting to feel almost insurmountable, and my “Quality of Life” can’t be measured in large numbers. I’ve had a good ride, it may be time to just fade away, if that’s my destiny.

    And I’m not sure if Biden can order a nation-wide mask mandate; he may need an Act of Congress, unless he can get the heads of the CDC, the HHS, his Surgeon General and his Attorney General to stand behind the lectern, all swearing it’s legal and proper, and it should carry some penalties for disobedience, if he ever decides to make that announcement.


  4. Ten Bears says:

    Maybe they were figurin’ on strong-arming them, like PPE, auction them off …

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    • Dennis Cole says:

      And tRump is expected to sign a new EO today that forces Pfizer to sell enough vaccine to the US Gov’t. in sufficient quantities to inoculate us first, before fulfilling any contractual obligations they’ve made to other countries.
      Attempting to brazenly make up for their short-sightedness, by forbidding an American company from delivering their product per contractual obligations, and they produced this vaccine without accepting ANY funding from our Gov’t.

      Strong-arm tactics of a Mob Boss, while claiming to simply be promoting “America First.”

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  5. donnah says:

    Trump had already decided to pursue the “herd mentality” by then, so the administration could have decided that releasing enough vaccines would cover medical staff and first responders would be fine and to hell with the rest of the population, because mostly olds and minorities would perish. They also didn’t want to pay out big bucks for it.

    At any rate, the Trump vaccine has raged out of control, and the administration will gladly dump the deaths on the Biden team.

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