About Last Night…

Georgeduh Republican Senators arguments, essentially

It was a bad night for grifters, but a good night for the good guys:

Democrat Jon Ossoff had the stage to himself Sunday night, with the exception of an empty podium, as Sen. David Perdue stayed away from the Atlanta Press Club debate. After introducing Ossoff, moderator Russ Spencer introduced Perdue, with the camera focused on the blank space above the lectern.

When the question-and-answer portion of the debate came, Ossoff was allowed to ask the podium the question he would have asked Perdue, and then answer the question himself.

If you cringed at the Clint Eastwood-like echo of debating a chair, you were not alone, BUT it was pretty good! Mr. Ossoff explained that Perdue wasn’t present because Perdue didn’t want to incriminate himself over his insider day trading and grifting. That is gonna leave a mark.

Meanwhile, at the Loeffler-Warnock debate:

“Senator Kelly Loeffler repeatedly refused Sunday to acknowledge that President Trump lost re-election in November, as she debated her Democratic opponent, Reverend Raphael Warnock, ahead of twin Georgia runoff elections that will determine which party controls the Senate…

“Her Democratic opponent Warnock blasted the senator for “casting doubt” on a legitimate election. “The people have spoken on the presidential election, and they’re waiting on their senator to be focused on them, not the person in the White House.”

“However, Loeffler, again and again, tacitly admitted Mr. Trump’s defeat by casting the runoffs necessary to prevent a leftward march. ″Everything is at stake in this election, the future of our country,” she said, alluding to the high-stakes battle for control of the Senate.

And if you listened to this thing, you would be excused for believing that Rev. Warnock’s first name is not Raphael, but “Radical Liberal,” as she used that combo seemingly each time she said his name. Politico’s morning email thingie says it was more than 12 times.


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  1. ming says:

    Thoughts and prayers Rudy.

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  2. Buttermilk Sky says:

    You should see Sticky Fingers Loeffler’s commercials. The subtext is “she’s a pretty useless senator but at least she’s white.”

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  3. MDavis says:

    And the both-sides press tosses out there that Warnock twice “dodged” answering questions about “packing” the supreme court.
    Apparently he was asked about his potential support for expanding that court and answered that this was not an issue his constituents had a lot of interest in. I’m not sure if this means he hadn’t actually thought about it, but that seems credible. Why answer something that you hadn’t thought about much except to say you hadn’t thought about this issue much (and thus have no answer yet) because your constituents have more pressing issues to address.

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  4. Dennis Cole says:

    Lemme try this one out on you fine Scissorheads: RISTCO
    Racketeering-Influenced Stock Trading Congressional Opportunities


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    • julesmomcat says:

      Y – RISTCO: Racketeering-Influenced Stock Trading Congressional Opportun-ISTS!

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      • Dennis Cole says:

        jules – thanks, it was a toss-up when I coined it. I also thought of using it antagonistically by making the final word “Objectionist.”
        And the original, from “RICO” also works: Racketeering-Influenced Stock Trading Criminal Organization, which would probly cover every Rethug in both houses.

        Like I’ve said here before – they changed the rules against Insider Trading to “Just don’t get caught. But if you do, we may have to give you a light slap on the wrist.” And fortunately, misuse of campaign funds still gets some of them in deep doo-doo.

        A good third of the “voting public” seems enamored by these crooks, and they keep re-installing them.

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  5. xpldagain says:

    Lectern. Not podium. Lectern. A podium is a platform you stand on. If it’s both it’s best called a rostrum.

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