News That Will Drive You To Drink

Coffee, Tea, or Trump?

Axios tells us…

Trump’s wild Inauguration Day exit

“President Trump is considering a made-for-TV grand finale: a White House departure on Marine One and final Air Force One flight to Florida for a political rally opposite Joe Biden’s inauguration, sources familiar with the discussions tell Axios.

Why it matters: The former network star is privately discussing using his waning powers as commander in chief to order up the exit he wants after dissing Biden by refusing to concede the election, welcome him to the White House or commit to attending his inauguration.

The big picture: The Trump talk could create a split-screen moment: the outgoing president addressing a roaring crowd in an airport hangar while the incoming leader is sworn in before a socially distanced audience outside the Capitol, as NBC News first reported.

  • Immediately announcing he is running for re-election in 2024 would set up four years of Trump playing Biden’s critic-in-chief.
  • The visual also would embody the vast difference in the two leaders’ approaches to the pandemic.
  • And flying off from the South Lawn before landing in Florida would let Trump escape protests, the normal pleasantries of welcoming the incoming president to the White House — and sitting there while Biden takes the oath of office.

It totally scans: it’s petty and snotty, and he cowardly avoids confrontation and feels like he gave the LOSERS a wicked burn by not being there!

I still think Michael Cohen’s guess that Lord Damp Nut will go to Merde-a-Lardo for Christmas and not return is a very likely move, also/too.

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15 Responses to News That Will Drive You To Drink

  1. Dennis Cole says:

    But you can bet every single last Quatloo you have, or can beg, borrow or steal that it WILL, indeed be a split-screen occurrence, thanks to our vaunted LSM.

    Ratings, baby – it’s all about the ratings. And just like “Location, location, location” are the majik buzzwords in Real Estate, it’s “exposure” that gets these mofos elected, and this has been THE most lucrative year for pretty much every medium across the spectrum, so of course they’re charging up to TRIPLE the usual rates, to run ads, down there in Georgeduh.

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    • DoremusJessup says:

      The media FSh’s will absolutely cover it, just as they have covered every child-like verbal regurgitation of half-digested thoughts. Otherwise he would really be just another face in the crowd.

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  2. MDavis says:

    Cohen has been pretty on target so far. Seems like the only reason his prediction that LDN would refuse to leave if he lost the election was wrong was that he couldn’t get anyone to back him.
    There’s a reason (allegedly) that the hi-ranking army guy went public with a statement that the military would not help him stay after his term of office has expired.
    In other words, like Harry, when he started barking orders about keeping him in office, instead of the expected “yes sir, right away sir” he got
    “No my lord Mudd.”
    From the military, from judges, from governors, from the election officials…
    Oh, the humanity.

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  3. sos says:

    …could create a split-screen moment:

    Only if the nyetworks ALLOW it. Would ignoring the petulant shitgibbon be that difficult?


  4. spotthedog says:

    His cult would not be inclined to watch Biden’s inauguration at all, a split-screen would force them to – HaHa!


    • sos says:

      Meta-Rat-Fonking! Gotta love it.

      A+++++++++++++++++++++++++++ *
      *hat tip Christmas Story *
      *hat tip Jean Shepherd


  5. revzafod says:

    I think I posted this about a month ago, but it still holds with a correction. There is no first class on the flight, just business:
    The airline’s schedule shows only weekly flights and 17 December is the next after the Electoral College meets.
    Aeroflot SU 0111
    Miami International Airport (MIA) 17.12.2020 14:00
    Moscow Sheremetyevo (SVO) 18.12.2020 09:10
    Airbus A330-200 11 h. 10 min.
    Of course, first class on Aeroflot is a big step down from Air Force One.


  6. buckobear says:

    Prez Biden needs to pre-position an order denying trump use of any government transportation after 12:01PM on 20 Jan.


    • Dennis Cole says:

      Sorry, buck, but that won’t stop a habitual lawbreaker. Not unless Fightin Joe Biten can somehow order the pilot of AF 1 to remove Hair Füror from the flight. Preferably in midair, at about 30,000 ft…….


  7. sleeve98 says:

    Nope. Still think Trump’s going to Riyadh, after the New Year. For two reasons:
    a) it’s simply not possible for all of Trump’s lawyers to be as witless as that oily whoopie cushion. At least one of them can read the writing on the wall to him, since he can’t be bothered to read anything for himself.
    b) this table was set with the pass on Khashoggi’s murder (and I think I saw Jared was there a week ago; arranging the flatware, perhaps?).
    Claim chowder for ya, though I would quite giddily pay the quatloos and see SDNY (and Manhattan) get their man (and Shady). I could be wrong, and bin Salman turns out to be Trump’s biggest creditor (doubt it), but I rather think looking the other way from the killing was a salutary way of buttering up the new landlord (the warm-fuzzy in Trump’s gullet for the “revenge” on Bezos notwithstanding).

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