We’re Totally Eff’ed In The Dark (Trump-Virus, Part Infinity)

Deadly distractions

The Atlantic tells us that we’re officially eff’ed:

“The pandemic nightmare scenario—the buckling of hospital and health-care systems nationwide—has arrived. Several lines of evidence are now sending us the same message: Hospitals are becoming overwhelmed, causing them to restrict whom they admit and leading more Americans to needlessly die.”

“The current rise in hospitalizations began in late September, and for weeks now hospitals have faced unprecedented demand for medical care. The number of hospitalized patients has increased nearly every day: Since November 1, the number of people hospitalized with COVID-19 has doubled; since October 1, it has tripled.”

It’s not exactly the number of beds (they can always build field hospitals in parking lots and ballparks) it’s that they are out of staff to care for the patients.

The out-of-control Trump-Virus continues to set holy merde records daily—death rates have reached the daily-9/11 threshold—and we still haven’t arrived at the post-Thanksgiving peak.

The CDC NOW recommends universal mask use when people are in any indoor space outside of their own homes. It’s probably a coinkydink that this guidance came out just days after Dr. Atlas Shrugged jettisoned from the Death Star.

Meanwhile, Vulgarmort is tweeting about election fraud.

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7 Responses to We’re Totally Eff’ed In The Dark (Trump-Virus, Part Infinity)

  1. donnh says:

    Trump tucked tail and ran when he found out Covid was real, and deadly. He never lifted a finger to help on a federal or state level. He owns the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people, full stop.

    My heart goes out to the medical teams and emergency medical crews who bear the weight of his cowardice and indifference. Not only are they physically taxed, but emotionally as well. They’re like MASH doctors, overwhelmed by floods of suffering patients and only so much time and materials to fight back with. In and out, people struggling to breathe and the doctors and nurses trying to keep up. Many of them have died, too, as they battle this virus.

    So yeah, Trump let it happen. It’s the Trump Virus.

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  2. Jimmy T says:

    The new neighbors next door bought their house in May. Never have I seen them wear masks or avoid gatherings. In fact, they’ve hosted frequent social gatherings, parties, and Bar-b-ques since moving in. They had a large Thanksgiving soiree with eight extra cars out front. Noticed on Wednesday that neither of them went to work. Same thing on Thursday and Friday. Haven’t seen them outside, and haven’t noticed their cars have been moved. Very unusual behavior for them., as they’re on the workaholic side of things. Not sure if they caught the virus, but the possibility looms . Oh, did I mention they’re republicans? Anyway, I’m concerned, but not enough to knock on their door and risk exposing myself to Plaque-45. I’m thinking next week if nothing changes, I’ll call someone to do a wellness check…

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  3. Bruce388 says:

    There’s this from New Mexico, which had done a decent job and kept the numbers under control:


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  4. Ten Bears says:

    Note, if you would Ten, that our relatively mutual, blogtopia (rip skippy) wide ongoing efforts to memeorialize (yes, I did) The Trump-Virus (and perhaps even credit Our Very Own Tea Pot Dictator with the vaccine by naming it The Trump-Virus Vaccine) are getting closer to the mainstream. Collective huzza!

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