News That Will Drive You To Drink

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As smart as he looks.

Lord Damp Nut has installed Corey Lewandowski & David Bossie on The Pentagon’s Defense Business Board, you know, after he YOU’RE FIRED’ED THE ENTIRE BOARD:

White House fires Pentagon advisory board members, installs loyalists

The board firings come less than a month after President Donald Trump pushed out Defense Secretary Mark Esper.

The White House removed nine members of the Pentagon’s Defense Business Board on Friday and installed people loyal to President Donald Trump in their place, including presidential allies Corey Lewandowski and David Bossie.

The firings marked the latest effort by the Trump administration to clean out the Defense Department in the final weeks of the president’s term.

So what does this board do, anyway?

The Defense Business Board is made up of more than a dozen industry and academic leaders who volunteer to provide independent business advice to Pentagon leadership and are appointed by top Pentagon leaders.

Because when you think of leadership you think of Corey and Bossie. Got it.

Dave and Corey, so what does it feel like to be the punchline of one of Prznint Stupid’s jokes?

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11 Responses to News That Will Drive You To Drink

  1. MDavis says:

    What’s with this line?
    ” the latest effort by the Trump administration to clean out the Defense Department ”
    Is Politico informed by that McNaughton guy on the current state of governemtn?

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  2. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    Gotta pick up the pace, only a month and a half left to loot the treasury.

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  3. Among the people fired were Madeline Albright and Henry Kissinger, so…very mixed feelings.

    But this is not “Cleaning out the Defense Department”

    More like* “blowing up the levees keeping thee swamp water out”.*

    Also, how much does this pay? (in insider trading opportunities, of course!)

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  4. Dennis Cole says:

    “Upon hearing some strong advice, from my new advisors, we have decided to take a really strong stance, against Iran and Yemen, both sworn enemies of our United States. We may have some things to take care of over there, before I’m forced out of office, by the most blatant, illegal, rigged election in our history, but I am NOT declaring war, my advisors tell me only Congress can do that. But I CAN launch missiles, to pre-emptively prevent them from causing us any harm. That is all, and I won’t be answering any questions.”

    December surprise, anyone?

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  5. julesmomcat says:

    What? He hasn’t wrecked enough of our government already? He’s gotta wreck more???

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  6. CalicoJack says:

    Howdy y’all!

    I’ve read on social media that this is all a prelude to Trump heading Mike Flynn, actual foreign secret agent working against the interests of the US, to invoke martial law. Poppycock. I’m glad to see that Ten and the team at Mock didn’t fall for that tripe.

    Martial law and seizing power is all way too much work for someone like Trump. He just reported that the stooges have given him $200 million in grift to live off of after he leaves office. They’ll be willing to do that much more before he does — sorry Timmy, no Christmas for you, we have our favorite narcissist to support. This gig is by far the easiest, most lucrative, and most legal thing he’s ever done. It’s like taking candy from a baby. it is literally raining money on him… okay, not literally, but literally, literally, if you know what I mean, but I’m not sure that even I do other than he’s getting lots of easy money.

    You have to read the narcissist’s playbook if you’re going to understand what’s happening here. He’s just trying to muck up #BidenHarris as much as he can. There’s few if any business decisions that the Pentagon is needing advising on between now and Inauguration Day. He’s just trying to give #BidenHarris as much petty work as possible to keep them bogged down in undoing all the crap so that they can’t get to governing right away. Yes, he is that petty. He’s a narcissist, after all.


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    • Ten Bears says:

      Dude, your numbers are soooo yesterday: it’s up to 500mil, half a bil, since Oct.


      • CalicoJack says:

        Howdy Ten!
        I guess. The stated amount in the popular media is $207 million since the end of the election, so sure why not 500 million since October.



    • MDavis says:

      Lucky for us, neither Biden nor Harris is a narcissist, so both Biden and Harris are capable of delegating necessary tasks and allowing their designated people to do their jobs.
      Pretty sure most narcissists have to have their tiny fingers in every pie they are associated with, can’t let go of a thing.

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  7. Redhand says:

    It’s a Fuhrerbunker kind of promotion, stupid and contemptible at the same time, and signifying nothing,


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