Rudy: ‘Pardon Me?’

H/T Scissorhead D-Cap

Prznint Stupid’s Stupidest Lawyer ™ Rudy Giuliani is in the news again. The NYTimes:

“Rudy Giuliani, President Trump’s lawyer who has led the most extensive efforts to damage his client’s political rivals and undermine the election results, discussed with the president as recently as last week the possibility of receiving a pre-emptive pardon before Mr. Trump leaves office.

“Mr. Giuliani’s potential criminal exposure is unclear. He was under investigation as recently as last summer by federal prosecutors in Manhattan for his business dealings in Ukraine and his role in ousting the American ambassador there, a plot that was at the heart of the impeachment of Mr. Trump.”

$20,000 Ameros-per-day to lose every case AND a prznintial pardon seems like a major win in the billable hours sweepstakes.

Remember: Pardons are considered confessions, and while you cannot be punished for the underlying crime, you no longer have 5th Amendment rights.

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9 Responses to Rudy: ‘Pardon Me?’

  1. sos says:

    They are definitely peers in the Federal Crime Sweepstakes.

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  2. sos says:

    Not giving up, either.

    Trump campaign officially files lawsuit challenging Wisconsin’s election results

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  3. Dennis Cole says:

    Let me remind you fine folks that a pardon can be retroactively retracted if it’s proven it was given to help cover up a crime committed by the pardoner. And the by accepting the pardon, one relinquishes one’s 5th amendment rights, and can be called on, or subpoenaed, to testify against the Prez.

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    • MaxK says:

      Flynn’s pardon covers, among other things, future perjury – he can lie under oath without punishment. If Rudy gets the same deal, does lack of 5th amendment rights matter?

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      • Dennis Cole says:

        MaxK – are you sure about that? I haven’t read the fine print, but I imagine it DOES say, “For any and all crimes committed, past, present and future,” so you could assume that it would cover perjury. Which is what got him into trouble inna first place, and to which he pleaded guilty to twice – lying to the FBI.

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  4. beckymaenot says:

    Does anyone know if Rudy got paid up-front? I’d guess no- as he’s not the sharpest knife in the Trump drawer. I’m betting he never collects on that 20K a day. And maybe not the pardon either…

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