Building A Better Vocabulary With Frank Luntz

Axios tells us that Professional Republican word person Frank Luntz is offering advice on how to talk about the Trump-Virus (emphasis theirs):

Why it matters: Much of the language being used by the government, business leaders and the media to discuss the virus politicizes the issue, even if done inadvertently. This is causing large swaths of the population to tune out of information about the pandemic, veteran GOP pollster Frank Luntz told Axios.

Unsaid, but worth remembering: Prznint Stupid has been lying about the Trump-Virus just disappearing like a miracle and refusing to distance or wear masks. Do continue.

This is particularly true for Republicans, according to a new study that Luntz conducted in conjunction with the de Beaumont Foundation.


  • The polling suggests Republicans tend to take the coronavirus less seriously, in part because the vocabulary used to describe safety measures feels invasive of their constitutional rights.
  • It also finds that the language used to talk about the virus is often too impersonal to be effective.

And now, the suggest vocab:

A few simple wording changes can help improve the public’s perception.

  • Lockdowns: Survey respondents had a much more positive reaction to the term “stay-at-home order.” “Calling it a lockdown brings to mind jailing your population,” Luntz said.
  • Safety measures: The data shows that Americans have a more positive reaction when rules and regulations to address COVID-19 are called “protocols” as opposed to “mandates,” “directives,” “controls,” or “orders.”
  • Responsibility: The research finds it’s better to use the term “personal responsibility” rather than a “national duty.” References to the federal government should be replaced with more localized solutions, especially as many Republicans support stronger state rights.
  • Naming the virus: Leaders should use the word “pandemic” instead of “coronavirus,” because it helps humanize and personalize the situation. Overall, Americans consider a “pandemic” more “significant, serious, and scary” than “COVID-19” or “coronavirus.”
  • Numbers: Health experts often refer to hospitalization rates, but this feels distant and impersonal to the average person, Luntz said. Instead, they should focus mostly on talking about deaths, since that’s universally understood.
  • Getting rid of the virus: Saying “eliminating” or “eradicating” the virus is more impactful than using “defeating” or “crushing” the virus, because war-like language can politicize the issue.
  • Vaccines: Emphasis on the speed of vaccine development turns the public off, Luntz said. People are looking for something safe, assured and effective, and the administration’s framing around “Operation Warp Speed” to get a vaccine out quickly undermines the public’s trust that the vaccine is safe, he notes.
  • Agencies: Research shows people respond better to calling federal bodies “public health agencies” rather than referring to the government itself, because government often elicits feelings of bureaucracy and red tape, not personal safety.
  • Defining policies: Saying that policies to combat the pandemic are “fact-based” is more effective than saying they’re based on “science,” “data,” or “medicine.”

There’s a lot of good in this. Luntz might be on Team Evil, but he knows how to manipulate through words, especially to the mouth-breathers in his caucus, and let’s be honest: They are the problem.


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8 Responses to Building A Better Vocabulary With Frank Luntz

  1. Frank McCormick says:

    I prefer “Trumpian plague” to “Trump-virus” as it has a very-old school ring. (Think Antonine or Justinian.)

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  2. roket says:

    “Much of the language being used by the government, business leaders and the media President and his minions to discuss the virus politicizes the issue.”

    Too much sugar coating.

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  3. Dennis Cole says:

    I must admit to being slightly astounded. I mean, I never thought I would hear Lutz sounding like Ward Cleaver at the end of each episode, imparting his wisdom to his two fine sons, and making sure they learned their lessons from that day’s antics.

    Or even Robert Young in “Father Knows Best.” It’s a tossup.


  4. w3ski4me says:

    Oh yea, sure. 275,000 Dead Americans, and 13 Million cases but we need to be careful about how we “present” it.
    It’s not about how we say it, it’s all about making the stupid among us comply with emergency health regulations for the good of the entire country as well as their own selfish assholes.
    I am so fed up with the stupids thinking what they say matters.


  5. Honestly, after all their decades of whinging about “Political Correctness” and “Liberal Snowflakes”

    Having to deal with Franks directions on how to MAGA-whisper these morons is just exhausting.


    And LDN could have called it “Safe and Responsible Speed” and people would still not trust the fucking vaccine because it’s got LDN’s and Jared’s greasy hamberder prints all over it.

    I’m so old I remember the “entrepreneur” in Tex-ass who got the bright idea of buying 2 liter bottle blanks and selling them to the government as “test tubes” for Covid test kits:

    Because he saw that people were using them for homeschooling science lessons….

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