Everyone Counts (In Large Amounts)

(H/T: Scissorhead Purplehead)

The SCOTUS  today will hear arguments on the Census. Essentially, Hair Füror only wants to count US Citizens, while traditionally (at least since the 13th Amendment kicked-in) it was all free persons in the United States, not just citizens.

This will be a test for the so-called Constitutional literalists who mostly are Republicans (and mostly ideological Republicans at that) as undocumented people tend to be people of color. Expect some eff’ery.

(Hair Füror’s pocket Nazi Stephan Miller is probably the mastermind behind this, and would like to return to the 3/5s days of yore.)


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5 Responses to Everyone Counts (In Large Amounts)

  1. They’re not constitutional “literalists” which means that they’d read the plain fucking text of the 14th Amendment which says “all persons” and rule against Hair Furor.

    They’re “originalists” which means they gotta sacrifice a chicken so as to augur the ‘original intent’ of the myriad people who wrote the Amendment via reading the entrails, and then coming up with a justification that meets the momentary political needs of the GOP.

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  2. CalicoJack says:

    Howdy y’all!

    I’ve lived in Far East Asia since 1996 — save four years spent in East Africa — and have grown accustomed to buildings just not having a fourth floor and the number four just disappearing from use. Four is similar to the Mandarin word for death, so it is considered bad luck in countries where Chinese have had extensive influence. The building I live in now, though, is a first. There is no fourth, fourteenth, or twenty-fourth floor. They just skip the numbers!

    All of that said, I think 2020 tops four in Far East Asia.



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