Experts Agree: He’s Mental

The WaPo:

“The facts were indisputable: President Trump had lost. But Trump refused to see it that way. Sequestered in the White House and brooding out of public view after his election defeat, rageful and at times delirious in a torrent of private conversations, Trump was, in the telling of one close adviser, like ‘Mad King George, muttering, “I won. I won. I won.”’ …

“Trump campaign pollster John McLaughlin … discussed with Trump a poll he had conducted after the election that showed Trump with a positive approval rating, a plurality of the country who thought the media had been ‘unfair and biased against him’ and a majority of voters who believed their lives were better than four years earlier, according to two people familiar with the conversation, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss private conversations. As expected, Trump lapped it up. …

A while ago (pre-election) a Scissorhead emailed worried about McLaughlin, who was one of the few pollsters who got 2016 more-or-less right for Lord Damp Nut (but everything else wrong); I’ve dismissed his polling as hack work, he’s only interested in telling his Republican clients what they want to hear. I submit into evidence that McLaughlin remains a hack. Do continue.

“Though Trump ultimately failed in his quest to steal the election, his weeks-long jeremiad succeeded in undermining faith in elections and the legitimacy of Biden’s victory. … Aides said the president was especially disappointed in Powell when Tucker Carlson, host of Fox News’s most-watched program, assailed her credibility on the air after she declined to provide any evidence to support her fraud claims. …

“Trump went on to falsely claim that he ‘won,’ that the election was ‘a total scam’ and that his legal challenges would continue ‘full speed ahead.’ He spent part of Thanksgiving calling advisers to ask if they believed he really had lost the election, according to a person familiar with the calls. ‘Do you think it was stolen?’ the person said Trump asked on the holiday.”

Notice the change: he’s not asking if he lost, he’s asking if it was stolen. It is inconceivable to him that he might have lost. Such is the life of an egoist narcissist. The WaPo article is probably the read of the day.


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14 Responses to Experts Agree: He’s Mental

  1. Dennis Cole says:

    Weebills wobble but they won’t fall down!

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  2. osirisopto says:

    I wonder if the curvy couch crew will stop their show to take his call on January 21st?

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  3. sos says:

    “Mental?!” LDN demands a second opinion!

    OK, you’re ugly too.

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  4. donnah says:

    It’s clear that Trump’s a narcissist and he always has been. He never acknowledges a loss nor issues an apology. So didn’t we all know that he would refuse to accept defeat in this election? It was given that he would deny losing.

    But what makes it doubly worse is that his sycophants, his advisors, his “friends” are all boosting the fantasy that the election was stolen and that he actually won. Republicans representatives and Senators, fuck every one, are not taking a stand and telling him to concede. His family is egging him on, and his closest confidants are whispering in his ear that he needs to keep suing and asking for donations. They are all complicit in this shitshow.

    If he never concedes, I don’t care. I do expect his base will always back him up, concession or not. And I do expect him to drag his fat ass out of the White House in January, because it will be over. And then he can stand in front of his judges in New York for his financial crimes. He’ll never go to prison, but I’ll rejoice to see him charged.

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    • osirisopto says:

      You’ve heard the threat ”the south will rise again”?

      ThIs is the best they can do.

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    • Frank McCormick says:

      THIS! The Nation is being run by bullying baby surrounded by sycophantic cowards.

      No one, not his staff, his “friends”, his family, Republican politicians, nor the press is willing to stand up to him for fear that he will get mad.I

      At this point in his Presidency, getting him to shout “You’re fired!” should be a point of pride, not a reason to fear.

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  5. Kiwiwriter says:

    I don’t think he’ll even let Biden in on Inauguration Day.

    He’ll try to use the military and the Secret Service to keep him out.

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    • artahzen says:

      He will not control the military or the Secret Service on Inaugural Day. He will be an ex president and a trespasser. I fully expect he will be holed up at Merde A Lot O, whining and sniveling as always.

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  6. sleeve98 says:

    I like ‘egolator’ better, considering he spends every waking moment worshipping his own ego. The narcissism and the gaslighting are natural byproducts of that behavioral disorder. It’s the insecurity here that’s breathtaking, not Keanu.

    If you’ve read The Incarnations of Immortality series by Piers Anthony, you’ll recognize Trump’s behavior as the same problem all the Incarnations encountered when trying to deal with God, who regarded only His own countenance to the exclusion of His Creation. Yeah, they couldn’t snap Him out of it either, not even the Incarnation of evil, which was why there was so much trouble (and therefore stories). Point is, gazing into a mirror, ensnared in the eternal preponderance of his own perceived greatness is really all we’ve ever seen Trump do. His bullshit is merely the tithe that he pays in the hope that others will worship him too.

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