A Spot of Stupid for Your Afternoon?

The Russian Usurper hates, Hates, HATES this photo showing how unpopular he is. Please do not use the photo. Let’s wipe out this photo from history. Be sure to tell everyone not to use this photo.
Putin thanks you.

Lord Damp Nut is still hung-up on (crowd) size:

According to three people familiar with the conversations, the president, who refuses to acknowledge he lost the 2020 election as he clearly did, has not just talked to close advisers and confidants about a potential 2024 run to reclaim the White House but about the specifics of a campaign launch. The conversations have explored, among other things, how Trump could best time his announcement so as to keep the Republican Party behind him for the next four years. Two of these knowledgeable sources said the president has, in the past two weeks, even floated the idea of doing a 2024-related event during Biden’s inauguration week, possibly on Inauguration Day, if his legal effort to steal the 2020 election ultimately fails.

A) pathetic and 2) the press is only going to be watching Biden on inauguration day. This stunt will be another colossal, legendary, Trump FAIL.

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10 Responses to A Spot of Stupid for Your Afternoon?

  1. …the press is only going to be watching Biden on inauguration day.

    Do you mean the press that repeatedly cut away from Clinton speaking events to show an empty podium waiting for LDN to show up? Or maybe the folks on MSNBC this morning going on about how Biden really needs to shore up his incredibly narrow win by….appointing Republicans to his cabinet and listenting to Republican congressional leaders instead of those icky Democraps.

    That press???

    Hell they’ll cut away from Biden’s swearing in if trump is sufficiently entertaining.


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    • tengrain says:

      BDR – we have a worthless press, no doubt about it, but they will go where the eyeballs are, and that will be as history is made.

      They might have a stringer attend the now-boring Trump Rallies, but it won’t pre-empt the inauguration.

      As ZRM snarks, Fox News might counter-program, but I kinda doubt it. Again, our media is for-profit. They will go where the eyeballs are.



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  2. it will give Fox something to program. I’m sure they don’t want to carry the inauguration.

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  3. donnah says:

    Oh, this just proves what a childish sore loser he is, and how his advisors provide him with the support he craves, no matter how low he wants to go. Totally classless, selfish, and completely dickish.

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  4. Dennis Cole says:

    Or, he could always “launch one.” I’m thinking around midnight, Jan 19th. I mean, remember when he said, “What’s the point of having nukes if you’re not going to use them?” He could always claim he had to act quickly, on “actionable intelligence,” to prevent certain Iranian retaliation against Israel, for assassinating their top nuke guy.

    I wouldn’t put ANYTHING past him at this point, and what a mess that would be, to hand over to Joe.

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  5. Infidel753 says:

    Expect a lot of this over the next four years, unless Trump goes to prison. It’s always going to get him steamed that Biden is getting more attention, and he’ll keep holding “Lookit MEE, lookit MEE!” events opposite Biden’ speeches or whatever, until the humiliation of always losing in the ratings (since Biden is actually president) becomes too much to endure.

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  6. retiredeng says:

    If there’s a perp walk of the Orange menace you can bet the news will be on it like a horny pooch in heavy heat.


  7. Bruce388 says:

    With New York City and State sharpening the long knives for the Covidiot and his spawn, plus Deutsche Bank talking about calling in his loans, plus Scotland asking awkward questions about the financing of his money-losing golf clubs, I’d say the Covidiot has more urgent concerns. It’s tough to play the winner when everything’s crashing down.

    But the chance to glom onto more of his supporters’ money outweighs the looming dangers in his diseased mind.

    This is, after all, the grifter who charged us $3.00 US for a glass of tap water served to him at one of his properties. $3.00. For a glass of tap water. Not even a Diet Coke.

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  8. H-Bob says:

    Trump tried counterprogramming with his event that replaced the 2nd debate but Biden got better ratings.

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