PSA Buy Nothing As If Your Life Depends On It

(H/T @NamelessCynic) on the Tweeter)

You guys, we’re still in a pandemic, the Red Hats are still maskless and they like to get up close and personal, and poorly vented stores are going to be an incubator of disease.

Don’t Go.

If you have to do any shopping, at least be certain to go to your local Mom and Pops stores. The Waltons and Jeff Bezos don’t need another buck, but your local small retailers (stores, restaurants, pubs) do. Also spending money at locally-owned stores keeps those bucks in your community; it has a multiplier effect.

UPDATE 1: Axios Safety nets are likely to be yanked from underneath millions of vulnerable Americans in December, as the coronavirus surges.

(Keeping this on top because: D’uh. Fresher Posts —if any— below. — The Management)

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4 Responses to PSA Buy Nothing As If Your Life Depends On It

  1. Ten Bears says:

    Next up: Mask NAZIs. Up till about a week from now they were the loudest in declaring Kate Brown the devil’s daughter, the most vocal in their protestations ‘I can’t breathe’, the rudest in their mockery of your own efforts to protect yourself and those around you. If they’re not already making exaggerated demonstrations of masking up while strolling the park twenty, thirty feet apart, wind blowing fifteen miles an hour in off the bay, they will be; snarling like a half-bred rat dog if you haven’t a mask up to their standard; WalMart parking lot holier-than-thous who’ll be bigger assholes about wearing a mask than they were when not.

    Opening bet four score quataloos and seven ameros.

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  2. Dennis Cole says:

    I’ve heard more than a few folks complaining that wearing a mask is too damn uncomfortable, because their noses are so big.

    Hell, that’s no excuse – I still wear underwear…

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  3. I’m going one better; for my wife, I’m doing a portrait of our new doggo, Harley, I’ll get it framed after the holiday.

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