Worst. Bond. Villain. Ever. Strikes Again!

Gold Fingered

Worst. Bond. Villain. Ever Steve Mnuchin and his villainess wife, Craven Moorehead

The Latest: Mnuchin to put $455 billion in virus funds out of Yellen’s easy reach

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin will put $455 billion in unspent Cares Act funding into an account that his presumed successor, former Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen, will need authorization from Congress to use…

The move will leave Yellen — selected by President-elect Joe Biden as his nominee for treasury secretary — with just under $80 billion available in the Treasury’s Exchange Stabilization Fund, a pot of money that can be used with some discretion by the Treasury chief.

“No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to die.”

Or maybe it’s, “No Ms. Yellen, I expect you to fail.”

The 4th Reich is determined to kill citizens and wreck the country on their way out the door, as a eff-you for not re-electing us. Removing that money also means that it is unlikely that Nancy Smash will get the funding she’s asking for as the legislation called for repatriating the unused funds into the new request.

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13 Responses to Worst. Bond. Villain. Ever. Strikes Again!

  1. donnah says:

    This administration embodies the worst of the worst subhuman beings in this country. That they cannot leave the White House with a shred of dignity or decency is fitting. If I got a wish, it would be that none of Trump’s people would ever work again and they would all lose every cent they have.

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    • R White says:

      Just wait two years and you’ll probably turn a couple of shades of purple with the shitty character rehab the worthless beltway media will give all of these grifting fools as a sign of ‘unity’ or bipartisanship. They will be asked to speak in an experienced manner about why Biden and his cabinet should be blamed solely for fat nixon’s fuck-ups. And as Ellen is whooping it up with Melanoma or the idiot offspring of fat nixon, no one will think to ask McConnell why he will not consider passing meekly progressive legislation that’s been sitting on his desk for over two years.

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  2. sos says:

    Finally something to start Yellin about. 😬

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  3. osirisopto says:

    I’ve got Georgia on my mind.

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  4. Lsamsa says:

    Okay, this might be a really dumb question but here I go.
    Why can one Treasury Secretary move funds somewhere without Congressional approval…but another Treasury Secretary cannot do the same, or ‘undo/reverse’ said action.?


    • tengrain says:

      Lsamsa –

      I don’t think it is about the secretary, per se, but (probably) about the way the law was written. Also, in general, once money goes into the general fund, it has to be allocated to something specific which requires (drumroll) new legislation.




  5. Bruce388 says:

    Am I the only who’s surprised the Covidiot didn’t grab the whole $455 billion? I remember him claiming the role of overseer and we all know how he’s the paragon of honesty.


  6. tucsonbarbara says:

    “No Ms. Yellen, I expect you to fail.”

    That’s DR. Yellen to you, fuckface!


  7. tucsonbarbara says:

    “No Ms. Yellen, I expect you to fail.”

    That’s DR. Yellen to you, muckface!


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