Rep. -Elect Lauren Boebert, She’s a Pistol

The Hills Are Alive With The Sound of Slaughter

Let’s meet Rep.-Elect Lauren Boebert (R-CO)

“A firearms-toting congresswoman-elect who owns a gun-themed restaurant in Rifle, Colorado, has already asked Capitol Police about carrying her weapon on Capitol grounds, her office has acknowledged. If she does so, she apparently won’t be alone. The practice is allowed for lawmakers, with some limitations, under decades-old congressional regulations. The public is barred from carrying weapons in the Capitol, its grounds and office buildings.

“Republican Lauren Boebert, 33, was elected this month from a conservative western Colorado district after gaining notice as a brash pro-gun activist who straps a Glock pistol to her hip. In an upset last June, she defeated five-term Rep. Scott Tipton for the GOP nomination, in part by claiming he wasn’t an ardent enough backer of President Donald Trump. Boebert asked Capitol Police officials about carrying her weapon when she and other House freshmen taking office in January were in town recently for orientation programs, according to two congressional officials.”

Someone who is so a-afeared that she needs a security Glock at all times is not going to author good legislation. But let’s also note that her fealty to Prznint Stupid will be removed when she takes office, and the NRA is all but dead broke, so she might not have many opportunities for target practice.

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12 Responses to Rep. -Elect Lauren Boebert, She’s a Pistol

  1. sos says:

    I believe it’s her security strap-on. For her “security*”.

    Hornying up her mouth-breathing MAGAts

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  2. Kiwiwriter says:

    What happens if a serving Congressman commits a felony while in office?

    I think about this because she might get into a shootin’ match in a DC bar.

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    • tengrain says:

      No one is above the law. — TG

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    • Buttermilk Sky says:

      How much time did Rep. Preston Brooks serve for beating the crap out of Sen. Charles Sumner in 1854? Zero. Fellow Southerners sent him canes to replace the one he broke on Sumner’s skull.

      I keep thinking of another South Carolinian who shouted “You lie!” at Obama during his first SOTU. Now they’re armed. Capitol Police, the Secret Service would like a word.


      • Kiwiwriter says:

        I don’t think Brooks served a day. I do know that the guy who yelled at Obama apologized to him….and then got millions in re-election funds from people across the nation who agreed with him.


  3. ming says:

    She is my House Rep. Sorry about that. I can only attribute her win to horny oilfield trash that voted for her in overwhelming numbers. My county was the one exception where her challenger received 63 percent of the vote.

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  4. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    Stupid Lara Croft

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