Some Republicans Just Want To Watch The World Burn

The Republican abandonment of the American people continues.

US economy hurtles toward ‘COVID cliff’ with programs set to expire

A slew of expiring emergency programs are setting up an economic “COVID cliff” come 2021, which could see millions of people lose unemployment insurance and get evictions, while a growing wave of small businesses close shop.

March’s CARES Act set up myriad programs to give people economic relief in the earliest days of the COVID-19 pandemic, many of which are set to expire on Dec. 31.

Unless a divided Congress can reach a deal to extend the programs, the country’s economic suffering could skyrocket.

and then…

A season of COVID uncertainty

The frightening, post-election COVID surge is making everything feel strange, different and unsettled all over again.

Why it matters: With Thanksgiving canceled, doctors quitting their practices and grocers limiting purchase quantities (again), Americans have the ambient sense that our safety net is unraveling. Not only are things not returning to normal, they may not return to normal for a long time.

The people and institutions we look toward for guidance and leadership — like elected officials and medical authorities — seem as flummoxed by the pandemic as we are. They issue new rules day by day (closing schools, restricting shopping, issuing curfews), yet look helpless and flailing as infections rise.

Tiger Beat on the Potomac (thank’s Charlie!) morning email thingie begins with this snatch of dialog on Fox News(!):


WALLACE: “But — but, Kate [Kate Bedingfield, Deputy campaign manager and communications director · for Joe Biden’s presidential campaign] — but, but, Kate, you — you can’t pass COVID relief without the Senate majority leader. He is the majority leader in the Senate, Mitch McConnell. Is the president-elect ready to meet with him now? In other — I’m trying to get a sense, is it President-elect Biden whose holding up the meeting or is it Mitch McConnell?”

BEDINGFIELD: “We strongly hope that Senator McConnell will come to the table. I think if you look at where the Democrats have been across the entire course of this year. You know, Democrats passed a bill back in May and we’ve seen — we’ve seen obstruction from Republicans. So, obviously, we are very hopeful that Mitch McConnell will come to the table. It is important. People are expecting it. You know, they voted for — in this — in this election, they voted for action, they voted for progress … ”

WALLACE: “But just to — just to — just to press this, would — would Biden meet — would — would Biden meet with McConnell right now?”

BEDINGFIELD: “Yes, absolutely. Absolutely. Yes. Yes. It is important that Sen. McConnell come to the table.”

I wouldn’t hold my breath. The Republicans have shown that they would rather watch the world burn.

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13 Responses to Some Republicans Just Want To Watch The World Burn

  1. Sirius Lunacy says:

    And NOW they can watch the world burn and have a Democrat in the White House to blame it all on.

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  2. Dennis Cole says:

    Because the worse of a “hot mess” they hand over to Joe, the harder it will be for him to contain and control things, and you can bet your very last Quatloo they will obstruct him at every turn, and then scream bloody murder at every EO he’s forced into signing, by their own inactions. If they can drag it out for the next four years, the voters won’t remember, come November of ’24.

    Not the “true facts,” anyway; their narrative will be: He caused it, he couldn’t control it, or even come close to fixing it, so it’s up to us Republicans to ride in to the rescue once again.

    You wouldn’t want 4 more years of “Sloppy Joe” continuing to ruin things, now would you?


  3. MDavis says:

    Just saw a remix of that old hit “Obama left us with no PPE, only empty warehouses. We filled the warehouses.”
    By now they will be confident that voter won’t remember that the feds were constrained from distributing what PPE was available, that what they had was made available only to the highest bidder – even if that bidder was Saudi Arabia, that the feds literally hijacked PPE deliveries bought and paid for by state reps – again forcing them to pay for it twice in order to receive it, that PPE was finally ordered at such exorbitant prices that suspicions were aroused that the whole thing was a way of funneling funds into Jared’s pocket – and when those were finally received the turned out to be inadequate or defective.
    And that is just off the top on PPE alone.

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  4. roket says:

    I’m shocked. Shocked I tell you. Who could have possibly……oh, to hell with it. The humor has been drained dry on that meme.


  5. Ten Bears says:

    Came across an interesting tidbit the other day I’m still tracking down: the only thing The Constitution provides for is a President of the Senate, all else: committees and committee chairs, whip and “leaders” all serve at, as it is, the discretion of the President of the Senate, the Vice-President of the Untied States, Kamala Harris. All the rest of it is horseshit. There is nothing in The Constitution requiring a “senate majority leader”, or a minority whip, those positions literally do not exist, they’re made-up horseshit. The President of the Senate is well within her constitutional authority to say no, you’re nothin’, nobody, just another hick senator from a third-world hick pit.

    All of it is a bunch of made-up horseshit.

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    • purplehead says:

      Really? That’s hard to believe. Well, maybe not. Anyway, we’ll have to track down the reality of that. Some constitutional scholar-type should know the truth of that.


    • Article 1 section five, second para:

      Each House may determine the Rules of its Proceedings, punish its Members for disorderly Behaviour, and, with the Concurrence of two thirds, expel a Member.

      “House” in this context refers to bothe the Senate and House of Representatives.


      • Ten Bears says:

        That’s pretty ambivalent, on the one hand it establishes each chamber may punish its members as each sees fit, yet establishes it may set it own rules as to what it sees fit. Covers what I was looking at though, at least until some better explanation comes along.

        To clarify, I guess, my earlier post, the constitution does not specifically spell out those positions. The only position the constitution spells out is that of President Of the Senate, who is the Vice-President of the Untied States.

        The problem with all this hero-worship of (((The Founders))) and canonization of The Constitution as some kind of equivocal religious creed handed down from on high is those bozos never saw this coming. All rich, white enlightened ‘gentlemen’ who never foresaw one of that class just bowling things over, as it were. Who would never think of doing such a thing (they did) so could not foresee this thing happening to we.

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    • tengrain says:

      10 Bears, I’ve long said that the Senate is the least democratic (little dee) institution in the US gubmint, and if it were to be eliminated, well, we would be better for it. It’s funny how the stuff with the least parameters in the Constitution have been exploited the most (Senate, SCOTUS, Electoral College) and need the most reform and/or codifying. And almost all of them to some degree are side-products of slavery.

      Here are the 44 rules of the Senate.

      It’s all parliamentary procedure and Roberts Rule of Order -type stuff. The Senate can amend their rules anytime they want, but they don’t because it would diminish their power.



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  6. Kiwiwriter says:

    I’m increasingly reminded of how Daniel Patrick Moynihan’s “unwritten glue that holds society together” that came apart in the transitional winter of 1932-1933 is doing the same thing on a more titanic scale right now.

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