Class Warfare Has A Body Count

Eat the Rich

Like a really bad remake of Trading Place, Managers at Tyson meat plant had betting pool on how many workers would get Covid:

New York (CNN Business)Tyson supervisors at a pork processing facility in Waterloo, Iowa took bets on how many workers would get infected with Covid-19, even as they took measures to protect themselves and denied knowledge of the spread of the illness at work, according to new allegations in a lawsuit against the company and some employees…

Meanwhile, the suit alleges, the supervisors named in the suit canceled safety meetings. After learning about positive cases in the plant, they told other supervisors to deny their existence, the suit says.

At the same time, they were taking bets on how many people would get sick, according to the lawsuit, which accused the Waterloo plant manager of organizing “a cash buy-in, winner-take-all betting pool for supervisors and managers to wager how many employees would test positive for Covid-19.”

The NYTimes fills in a blank: “The lawsuit, filed by the son of Isidro Fernandez, a meatpacking worker who died in late April, said the betting pool was a “cash buy-in, winner take all.” The plant was the site of a deadly coronavirus outbreak this spring.”

Makes you really wonder why amply be-chinned Mitch McConnell wants any Trump-Virus relief to include employer liability waivers.

If any well-meaning liberals tell me again to go high when they go low, I will say “OK” and then remind them that snipers always go to higher ground. This is class warfare but with a bodycount.

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7 Responses to Class Warfare Has A Body Count

  1. ming says:

    Yup,. I’m a big supporter of punching them in the nads when they go low.

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  2. Yeah, I’ll go high all right. Tell me what altitude do B-52’s fly at during a bombing run???

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    • purplehead says:

      I know B-52s can fly really low and scare the shit out of you because you can feel them coming before you ever see them. Those eight engines make frightening airwaves all along the ground. I know that from a survey I was working on the Mtn Home bombing range in Idyho more than 20 years ago. Those upperclass twits and felons and monsters would be flattened from their innards exploding in fear if one of those big birds got near them. The Patriot Bois, too. Cowards and sadists all.

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  3. dave says:

    same group lobbied iowa state governor to NOT require a mask mandate, i wonder how much dineroes crossed the table to get this to this state?


  4. CalicoJack says:

    Howdy y’all!

    The problem with eat the rich is that there aren’t enough of them to make a dent in world hunger.



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