So Much Winning!

Experts prove…

Guys, remember back in March, when Dr. Fauci said that we could be at 240,000 dead Americans by Thanksgiving? Good times, huh?

The official U.S. Trump-Virus death toll has surpassed 250,000, and more than 3M people are estimated to be contagious.

The NYTimes gives us our No D’uh for the day:

“Coronavirus cases are rising in almost every U.S. state. But the surge is worst now in places where leaders neglected to keep up forceful virus containment efforts or failed to implement basic measures like mask mandates in the first place.”

So much winning!

Doctors on the coronavirus task force warned noted walking termite buffet VP Mike Pence that we could see an average of 2000 deaths a day by his Lord and Savior’s Birthday (Christmas)  and urged him or Prznint Stupid to, you know, do something.

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7 Responses to So Much Winning!

  1. osirisopto says:

    Putin aught to be laughing his ass of right about now.

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  2. roket says:

    Looks like we’re not going to be able to say Merry F’ing Christmas this year. Except for this time, there is a tangible reason.

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  3. Gubnor iL Deuce here in the TSKoA doesn’t think a statewide mask mandae is good idea, it’s just ‘too political’.

    “What I want to avoid is some of the division and politics that have happened around this issue,” the governor said, saying he prefers “participation and cooperation.”

    Dumb motherfucker, but whattya expect of a Trumpioan jackass like him he ran *ice cream stores in ARIZONA * into bankruptcy

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  4. Here is Wisconsin, and our Democratic Governor Evers is beset upon by both houses of the gerrymandered Republican legislature, who collectively have been blocking his mask/health mandates at EVERY turn. As you could guess, the COVID-19 is going nuts in the entire state, and medical personnel are getting to PTSD in the never-ending siege. My wife and I have been self-quarantining for 37 weeks. We voted for Joe and other Democrats back in early October.

    MPS regulars, do yourself and us all a favor and blow off the holiday meetups this year. Killing Grandma in exchange for a slab of her pecan pie slathered in Cool-Whip is foolish.

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