Activism: Who Are The Bad Guys

Keep punching!

Scissorhead Julesmomcat wants to know if there is a list, anywhere, of corporations to avoid for supporting Lord Damp Nut and the 4th Reich.

Political Flare has a list with an explanation of why each entity is included. One of the things that they do that is interesting, is that they position it as the CEO/Owner, so people like Peter Theil, who is on the board of so many companies is the target of their wrath, but the companies are listed so you can do what you think best:

Peter Theil, the successful tech billionaire who spoke at the 2016 Republican National Convention in support of then-candidate Donald Trump, is an early investor and prominent board member of Facebook. Theil is also an investor in Spotify, Lyft, AirBNB. The Trump Administration and ICE uses Theil’s warfare tech company Palintir for surveillance of undocumented immigrants. In 2018 Theil donated $250,000 to Trumps re-election campaign, making him Trump’s 7th largest donor.

Theil’s corporate interests is a real rogue’s gallery of bad players.

DoneGood has a Chrome browser extension that let’s you know if you are on a bad guy’s page. I have not used this, I am not endorsing it, only reporting.

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4 Responses to Activism: Who Are The Bad Guys

  1. Hearkening back to our LOTR discussion a few days ago, I’ll remind you that Thiel knamed his company after a tool of Sauron’s. There’s no room for an “Are we the baddies” moment there.

    And I’m hardly surprised that he’s deeply vested in the New Feudal Serfdom ‘gig economy’; he’s pretty much going for Supervillain status here.

    As for that list, well, theres a bunch of easy boycotts! (easy to boycott someplace you don’t patronize in the first place 🙂

    I just have one suggestion: ditch the Big Box home improvement stores for an Ace Hardware, if you can. They’re a cooperative of independent stores, locally owned.

    Won’t work for everything you need to get at Home Despot or Lowdes but they’re as close as you’re gonna get to the old fashioned hardware store as exists these days…

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    • MDavis says:

      I’d like to, but our local Ace pretty much ignores the mask mandate. They have the sign, and they have the mask checker who sits in his chair, leaning back and looking bored, and wearing his mask as a chin strap. So do the cashiers.
      We won’t go their again until the pandemic has run its course, if we survive it.


  2. tengrain says:

    And always support the mom & Pops stores, to the degree that you can. –TG


  3. paul fredine says:

    it’s a rather short list but i’d be interested in how many actually donated to both campaigns (a common practice). however there was one i felt should have been included, my pillow guy. maybe not quite as big as those on the list, but certainly one that weasels his way into millions of homes with his commercials. and after that disgusting display with his speech..was it cpac or rnc? can’t recall, don’t want to..every time one comes on i hit mute as fast as possible. that’s one company i’ll never buy from. NEVER!!!! much like chik-fil-a and hobby lobby, and i’m sure they’re both (or should be) on an extended list.


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